Good DAP alternatives to the Shanling m0? (with similar output power)
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Oct 6, 2016
I've owned a Shanling m0 for quite some time, and found myself hating the it quite a bit.
Terrible accessories, fragile and poorly protected knob, relatively short battery life, etc.
I'm looking for alternatives to the m0 that has a more diverse set of accessories and features.

So far, the Hidizs AP80 seem to fit my thoughts.Though it has identical hardware, it features a recessed knob, silicon case and screen protector, larger battery capacity, and an optional leather case with strap - just what I need for exercise.

I know of the Fiio M5, but think I might want to skip on that, since it has a relatively weak amp. I need it to power my Fostex headphones, which is what the Shanling did pretty well thanks to its DAC/AMP chip that the Hidizs also has.

However, the AP80 is already a year old in terms of hardware, using BT 4.0 too. Do any of you know any other players (upcoming too) that are worth considering as well?
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Sep 28, 2018
Following this thread with interest. I have the M0 but can't get on with the small screen. Pity it won't link to a phone app to control playback.
Would be very interested in alternatives that don't cost a fortune...

Has anyone seen any reliable comparative reviews?
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Feb 21, 2015
Haven’t heard the Shanling so can’t comment on comparisons but the HiBy R3 is one to look at. It has most of the Bluetooth codecs up to LDac and also DLNA ,HiBy Link and AirPlay. With AirPlay I can stream from my phone to the player Tidal,Spotify and others there is Android apps that can use AirPlay but have a Apple so haven’t tried them. As for power it does pretty well for a small little player as it has 2.5 mm balanced output that can do a decent job with my HD-6xx’s. I have other players that sound better but I work construction so will not take anything too nice to work with me and the R3 will put in a 9 hour day and still have like 30% battery but I don’t listen too loud and not usually balanced at work either so that could shorten the battery life but it is still pretty good. All in all a nice responsive little player with good sound and flexibility and yes almost double the price of the M0 but still one to consider in my opinion.

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