good currently available (diy) amp to really get the k340 going!
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Jul 8, 2008
Hello, I received my k340 today and really like them. They REALLY need a lot of power though since they are very insensitive (low sensisivity) and are 400 ohm. Some peope recommend a speaker amp but I think the amount of watts is important. I got a lot of data from my helpful seller and I wondered if there are any existing headphone amps or small speaker amps or diy designs that might work well?
According to my seller they need 2watt per channel and high voltage above 24v.
He has given me also technical data about the headphones themselves:
Nominal Impedance: 400 ohms, each channelSensitivity: 1.6 Pa/volt (they use something else now so must to convert)Normal listening level requirements: 0.64V (1mW) for 94bB SPL (approx.1 Pa), „IHF Sensitivity” rating 0.5V (63mW) for 112dB SPL (approx 8Pa)Maximum Continuous Input (per chan.): 9V (200mW) approx. 117 dB SPLthe most important thing in driving them is the voltage of the amp,the higher is better

So yeah, anny suggestions? A balanced design would be nice, my pair has balanced connectors but also a conversion cable to a 1/4 plug.
Greetings, Anouk,
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