Good $30-$40 DAC and/or DAC/amps for music listening?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by jaynettech5, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. JayNetTech5
    I already had a Sound Blaster Audigy FX installed and my temps went up 3 degrees.
  2. JayNetTech5
    Does anyone know whether or not the UCA222 has better instrument separation than the K1?
  3. JayNetTech5
    Changed my mind on the FiiO K1. I got a new one, and in comparison to the last one I had, this one doesn't seem to have the channel imbalance issues. It also sounds a little snappier, like the music doesn't sound too slowed. I think the amp in the last one I had was just not that great, or had some build issues, possibly? I really like the sound of the K1, even better than the DragonFly Black. I'm eyeing out the DragonFly Red, but I feel like I should probably wait 'till I have extra money to waste before buying it. Part of me feels like it's not worth it, since paying more doesn't mean I'm going to get something vastly better, since the DragonFly Black didn't impress me despite being $50 more than the K1.
  4. Abramz
    Interesting, could you compare audigy fx and fiio k1? Particularly its headphone amplification, but dac performance will be very interesting to know also...
    Thank you.

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