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Good $200 Headphones with no sound leaking?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by noonenl, Sep 5, 2011.
  1. nOoneNL
    Well hello there,


    I'm in the market for some good cans with very little to NO sound leaking, since I will be using them on the bus, train and at school.

    I currently using in-ear NuForce NE6, but I'm really bothered by the lack of a great soundstage.


    My home equipment contains a Beyer DT 880 and a Sennheiser HD 595 which I am powering with a Little Dot MK III.

    I love the Beyer for the wide soundstage, but sometimes it's just a bit too bright.

    The HD 595 is just too **** blurry and lacks clarity.


    So what I'm looking for is a headphone with a touch of warm sound (but not as much as the Sennheiser) and a nice soundstage.

    My budget is about $ 200. I will be using them in combination with my discman.

    I've always got my messenger bag with me, so they don't need to be small and portable.


    I am aware that all good cans become great cans when used with an amp, so I will buy me a portable amp in the future.

    It would be nice if the headphones sound good without them aswell.



    I've read some stuff around the forum and found some options; Audio Technica A500, Beyer dt 770 or DT250.

    Will any of these fit my liking or are there better options?

  2. JayB18
    Shure SRH940. The Beyerdynamic DT250 is great too but probably a bit too much like the Sennheiser sound for you. Just don't go in expecting great soundstage from a closed phone or the spacious open sound because your not going to get it. Some closed phones are better than others at it though.
  3. Frank I


    The beyer DT 700 Pro 80 ohms I bought fit your bill. Its warmer than normal beyer but neutral and very balanced with good isolation and very tight bass. Soundstage is typical for a closed phone but does nice with either SS or tube amps or with an ipod without an amp.
  4. jackwess
    The Ultrasone HFI-780's have a nice soundstage. 
  5. Hifianddrumming


     +1, But they also have a tad too much bass for me. Then again, I'm not a big bass-heavy person... Depends I guess, do you want bass?
  6. nOoneNL


    These headphones are beyond my budget [​IMG]
    Thanks for the advice though! And I am aware that closed headphones can't fully create a open-sound, but everything beats in-ear-plugs, right?


    Great to hear that [​IMG] I was hoping that would be the case!
    This one is definitely nominated for me! [​IMG]


    I've also been looking at these :) and as for the looking part; wow. They look cool ! [​IMG]
    Any thoughts on how they sound compared to my Beyer or Sennheiser?

    I do love me some bass, as long as it's nice and solid. Too much bass is never good, when it overwelms and gets in the way of details in the music.
  7. OmerNess
    senns hd25
    theyre awesome
    also no sound leaking
    but, sound stage is **** on those, its not a sound wall but its small...
  8. Hifianddrumming


     It's nice and solid, but there's a fair bit of it :)
  9. dyl1dyl
    I would recommend the ultras one hfi-780, shure 840 or 940
  10. MalVeauX
    Denon D2000.
    Leaking is not as much as people seem to say it is. It's nothing like an open air headphone (or the absolute most leakage, which would be Grado).
    Very best,
  11. Hifianddrumming

    Slightly over his budget, don't ya think? :)

  12. MalVeauX

    I bought a pair, brand new, for $219.
    Just watch for deals, or get a used pair.
    On the subject, why do you pick out the D2000 but you let a SRH940 slide? Pssht.
    Very best,
  13. Hifianddrumming

     A little biased towards shure :)

  14. nOoneNL
    I know this thread is kinda dead by now, but for anyone still reading this and wondering what my final decision was:

    I got the Beyer TD770 80ohm and am very happy with them [​IMG] just what I was looking for!
    They have a bit more kick than my TD880 and the sound-leaking is minimal, so great for portable use.
    I'm also getting an amp to power these cans, gonna give the FIFO E17 a shot, it should arrive next week.
    If anyone is interested I'll post my thoughts on this combo [​IMG]

    Thanks again to anyone who helped and gave me advise!

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