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Gonna try again with IEMs. Budget: ~$300. Most Important: Comfort + SQ

  1. DSchwartz88
    First off all, i'd like to give a big thank you to the community for helping me down my path to audiophile-ness, it's been a fantastic journey. 
    For the most part I've stuck to circumaural headphones since I used to find IEMs pretty uncomfortable. Problem is, I never tried any higher end IEM models (last pair I had were some V-Moda Vibes -- not fantastic phones if you ask me), and those were extremely uncomfortable. I realize comfort will most likely be different for each person but if you guys could point in the right direction of a pair thats comfortable and has fantastic sound quality i'd be much appreciated. I think comfort would mean three things: being able to keep the earphones in without getting some discomfort after a short or long period of time, the ability to take them out somewhat often (these will be for office and travel use), and the earphones not being too fussy about how you put them in (not sure if thats a pipe dream or not). 
    I tried to find some earphones in the big multi-reviews, but I'm so new in the IEM space I got completely lost. I will not be using these with a portable amp of any kind, this will strictly be for listening directly from an iPhone 4. 
    Thanks again guys!
  2. nikp
    Have you considered customs?
  3. DSchwartz88
    I have the only problem with that is they are usually non-returnable (im assuming since theyre custom). This means if I end up just not liking IEMs in general for whatever reason I'm out quite a large chunk of change. 
  4. dyl1dyl
    How about some westones, they are very comfortable imo
  5. dyl1dyl


    The westone 3s should be in your budget.
  6. Benjerry
    I recommend ie8; fuss free fit, excellent cables that hardly get in the way, great build quality, light weight- hardly feel them over and in your ears, very durable (kelvar cable)... Great for everyday use- like a tank, that's what I think. And the look is very low profile. No one will steal them from you based on it's look.

    I use them everywhere I go without fear at all- thievery, rough handling, ear comfort, y junction in cable hugging your neck... Absolutely none of that
  7. dyl1dyl


    If im not wrong, the new ie80s are going to be out soon, so a second hand ie8 should be a good buy now.
  8. Benjerry
    Even better, persuade a buyer to sell it cheaper due to incoming model, which doesn't change the sq if I'm not wrong
  9. nikp
    And I agree with dyl1dyl on the Westones. They are the most comfortable iems I have used so far.
  10. nikp


  11. i2ehan
    Aside from comfort, what are you're sound signature preferences my friend?
  12. Tronz


    No need for the apostrophe or the 'e'. [​IMG]
  13. DSchwartz88

    I listen to alot of different kinds of music, so it's pretty important that it should be an all rounder. I mostly listen to jam bands (Phish, etc.) and jazzy instrumental stuff, but also have been known to listen to a bit of electronica, trace (Pretty Lights, Girl Talk). Other than that lots of classic rock.
    I definitely am not a basshead, but I do like there to be enough. hope that helps. thanks!
  14. Zalithian
    W4's are a good all arounder, and comfortable, but probably out of your budget unless you find a decent deal on them used. If you're looking to save money, I honestly think the Phonak Audeo PFE's would be a good buy as well. I loved them. Great clarity, good bass (not a huge amount with grey filters, but changeable). I would probably still have them if the cable had been more sturdy. I ended up getting a refund, but they have since reformulated the cable and I believe that durability issue has been rectified.
  15. i2ehan

    [​IMG] Just realized that read as "what are you are sound signature preferences" haha. Back to engrish 101[​IMG]
    @DSchwartz88: When you say all-rounder, I say GR07. Nuff' said. [​IMG]

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