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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 14, 2007

I'm looking to sell either my SRM-1/MK-2 Pro.

This is the B version of the amp (means serial number starts with a B), which is known to sound better than the A version SRM-1/MK-2 Pros. Although I once owned the A version (silver face plate), I have not directly compared the A and B versions; however, I feel the B version is closer to my SRM-T1S than the A version, which I felt was comparatively veiled and muddy.

I will include a power cable, a used and working Stax SR-30 (doesn't sound great, but it's nice to play around with), and the amp.

The amp is in great working and cosmetic condition. There are some insignificant nicks on the edges of the front panel, and 2 dents on the back edge of the amp (see pictures). In the pictures, I tried to shoot the worst looking portions of the amp. You can see all the flaws I talked about. It really does look great in person.

PICTURES: Index of /stax/1

PRICE: $430 Shipped CONUS Only

The SR-30 looks like this:


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