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Gone! DIY Parts - Free for pickup in Chicago

Trader History (3)
  1. JamesL
    Free to a Good Home
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    I have a box of DIY parts from a few years ago that I want to pass on to the community.

    A few completed kits - mini3, Pimeta, and millet starving student, and a couple incomplete projects as well. A b22 and millet hybrid in the works. A handful of unused RK27's, unused PCBs, transformers, various connectors from Neutrik, Cardas, etc. Various anodized aluminum enclosures, including a couple still shrink-wrapped ones from modu.it, and more!

    Must pick up today (Friday 1/11) in Chicago South Loop/ Printer's Row area, as I will be moving/flying out on Saturday.

    Text 808 - 258 - six nine seven one
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  2. JamesL
    Unfortunately I don't have time to package and ship anything out. Hopefully if someone picks it up, they'll be willing to share :)
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  3. FraGGleR
    Text sent. Happy to share the goodies.
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  4. JamesL
    Picked up. Thank Justin, enjoy!
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