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Goldring DR150 headphones modded w/ TWag v2 shorty cable

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by trojan2900, Sep 6, 2012.
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  1. trojan2900
    For Sale
    A excellent pair of Goldring DR150 headphones that I modded, removing the cheap cloth from inside the outer grills, and the thin cloth covering the drivers. This opens the headphones up, extending the treble and bass range. They sounded great before, and they sound even better now. Included is the original QED cable, a soft padded storage bag (pictured), and a shorty cable that is great for ipod listening (pictured). The shorty cable is made of TWag V2 silver core cable from Whiplash Audio. The original configuration of this cable was altered by a two year old and some scissors, but I saved a good length of it, and created the shorty cable. The QED cable is good, but the TWag smokes it for clarity, and is a major improvement IMHO.
    This package is a bargain.
    Free shipping in CONUS.
  2. trojan2900
    sale pending
  3. trojan2900
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