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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. FYLegend
    I just got my Sabbat E12 Ultra, blue camo version today. It does have wireless charging even though it's not mentioned on the box. It doesn't sound much different from the dud original E12 I received a while back. The eartips are much better than the originals. Bass is much more balanced though maybe slightly slanted right, but bearable (as with my Jabees Firefly Pro). Mids and treble still seems stronger on the left side though it seems to be only noticeable in songs with peaky percussion. Either I'm unlucky second time or people are just oblivious to it. If all else fails I might just tap foam on one side.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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  2. tlau1125
    I will try to translate and highlight some sound quality comments that contain some details from taobao . Do note the comments are from different people and therefore they can contradict each other:
    - "Stunning". No delay or drop off. 1more is "trash"(?) in comparison. Vocal clear, powerful bass, treble rounded.
    - suitable for all kinds of music. Low and Mid totally satisfactory. Details ok. Treble lacks some "sharpness". Wish background noise is a bit lower.
    - matches expectation given the price. Sound quality not bad but background hiss may drive some people crazy.
    - good enough.
    - Sounds a bit harsh. Will wait for burn-in
    - "Stunning", leave similar priced products in the dust.
  3. d3myz
    Interesting you mention that. I was doing the Hear ID test on the Liberty 2 pro and I noticed there are a few frequencies I don't hear as well in my left ear, that are fine in my right. I've never noticed before on any TWS I've had, but once I like the hear ID correct it, I could tell a slight difference. Then again I've also noticed an imbalance with certain TWS' like the Anbes, QCY t1c and the Lystar J29. all corrected after stopping and starting a track or resetting the buds. Either way, sorry to hear about this. I've been warming up to getting the Sabbat E12, but I don't remember which is the BA and which is the DD etc. I'll have to read through the thread.
  4. dwil
    Does anyone have a resource where I can look up the weight and dimensions of the Mifo o5 charging case vs the sabbat e12 ultra charging case?

    I'm not sure if I should be discouraged by the bulkiness of the o5's case. Is it uncomfortably heavy in comparison to other tws iems?
  5. D3soLaT3
    Look what came in the mail today.
    Finally get to hear the legends for myself and find out if AptX is necessary.
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  6. Grayson73
    I prefer the Anbes 359 to be better than the Mpow T5 and Soundpeats TrueFree+. Mpow T5 soundstage was too narrow.
  7. FYLegend
    The E12 Ultra is DD, they only added AptX and improved call quality to the new version.

    I've noticed imbalance on nearly all TWS I've tried so far, and this is taking account my own hearing imbalance (which is something like more bass on left, sibilance right). However, in the case of Jabees Firefly Pro and Jabra 65t the imbalance is "smooth" and not as noticeable. The hiss on the left ear on the 65t is still annoying though. On some others if the mids or bass only peak on one side I start to become more irritated.

    On my Note 9 Exynos, Bluetooth latency in gaming is still quite noticeable with AptX of the E12 Ultra. Unfortunately Samsung still doesn't support AptX LL or AptX HD which puts them at a big disadvantage. With normal BT audio devices the latency is still doable for some games, after the Android Pie update. However, Windows 10's Bluetooth Latency is much better be it SBC or AptX using TWS, but on my laptop it can be dodgy when opening an intensive app or when my hand is left of the touchpad.
  8. Grayson73
    What brand is that and where did you get it? Are you trying to figure out if it's the same as Anbes 359?
  9. rhsauer
    I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the hiss is there. And the mic is truly disappointing. I’m really hoping the mic’s issue is firmware related and not hardware related. Why would bother to use four microphones if there’s no benefit?
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  10. D3soLaT3
    These are unbranded but show up in the Bluetooth settings as Air. This variant has been discussed on this forum before and are identical to the Anbes, SSK, and other variants. See my previous posts for link to Amazon (U.S) but I purchased them on eBay here.
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  11. vstolpner
    The O5 case is a little bulky and heavy, but it's shape really makes up for it. It's way more pocketable than the Mpow T5, but less so compared to Anbes 359 or Shanling MTW100.
  12. BobJS
    Galaxy S10+. Aptx. No discernible hiss.

    Still trying to decide if these are keepers. I probably will, as they sound pretty good. I was surprised to find the personalized sound profile actually improved upon their default profile for me.
    As for the mic, I left myself a recorded message on my home phone but haven't listened to it yet!

    Edit: Just listened to the recording. Loud but very tinny. Disappointing for a TW of this size and price. The tiny (not tinny!) Galaxy buds mic sounded much better.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  13. d3myz
    What version of iOS are you on? I'm on 13.2 beta 3, not sure that's related though.
  14. d3myz
    How do they sound? do you have a Anbes, SSK or Kissral to compare?
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  15. howdy
    Picked these up today and trying them out. It was pretty cool how they hooked themselves up to my iPod touch, I didn't have to do a thing.
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