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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    The Jabra really surprised me. Maybe because it's highly inoffensive, but I would never recommend that TWS to anyone unless they are looking to use it for business calls.

    Speaking of calls, someone on here recommended the Partron PWE-100, which uses the QCC3026 and is reported to have excellent call quality. Oh, and it has an app.

    Well, ordered it, because hey, wife decided to buy that Louis Vuitton wallet, so you know, that means green light for me! LOL! It's almost here...
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  2. FYLegend
    I got mine from Flyda 3C and the store person was "Suki Chen". Back in July the original Sabbat E12 would only go on sale for 70CAD every 12 hours or so on a few vendors ONLY on the app, otherwise it was 90CAD either way. Unlike the Anbes fiasco, the seller didn't personally respond and just said "please pair again" and posted a photo of the manual pointing to the section that claims "sound quality improves over time". Even if burn in affects drivers, there's no way it can recover inherent audio imbalance. Aliexpress responded with "please do as the seller says and try recording each bud individually, we can't hear the problem." I said I already did a factory reset and that they should listen to the sample again as I could hear it with my other devices. I don't have professional recording equipment for the buds so it's almost unfair to demand that, I could only get an approximation using my phone mics. The dispute was rejected before the expected end date and I didn't have the time to provide a second sample.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  3. Caipirina
    LoL , don’t have a vacuum cleaner. And don’t ask for hair dryer either :D


    Will try on plane in 2 weeks!
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  4. chinmie
    darn.. that is unfortunate. but i do feel also that the AE mediation favors the seller more, like i experienced with my dispute case. i have to upload the video only to the AE app, but the app itself really limits the duration or size of the video. i tried to reason that using youtube would be better to see the problem more clearly, but the AE mediation (not the seller) said any proof can only be submitted via the AE site, and that posting it in other site would not be valid as proof.
  5. chinmie
    have you tried the Galaxy buds? between that and the Jabra, it sounds cleaner, more extended, and also fits better.
    the jabra sounds okay, and i would have kept it if the fit is better and didn't have that channel imbalance problem.
  6. crinacle
    This thread is a prime example of why I'm hardly on this website anymore. What a toxic bunch of people.
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  7. hifi80sman
    Yeah, I had the Galaxy Buds and did enjoy them (I did give it a little bass push, however), but they are definitely clean, clear, crisp, etc. The issue I had was that one side, I think the left, became progressively softer in volume over time, so I returned them before the return window closed. All-in-all I did enjoy them, thought they fit well, calls were good, and I could get a bit of bass bump that was satisfying. If it weren't for the imbalance, probably what you're experiencing with the 65t, I would have kept them.
  8. hifi80sman
    Come on, brother, smile. :D Everyone has a difference of opinions, no problem. Everyone has a right to enjoy what they enjoy, for sure, 100%. I think some of the feedback is not necessarily the opinion itself, but it sounds like your talking down to people as "inferior" because they may enjoy something more along the mainstream sound signature. I appreciate your viewpoint from a technical perspective, but it's also rife with subtle digs at "regular" people.

    "I don’t get why these have been so highly praised." - Seemingly a knock against those that like and recommend it. I for one enjoy them and I think they sound good when EQd via app for my taste. One of the benefits is the app, so I imagine much of the feedback is after they're EQd for each person's taste.

    The "MW07 is the epitome of the consumerist sound signature. The extreme V-shape appeals to the average shopper who asks “do you have something with bass?” - Once again, it seems other than your general opinion of what they sound like from a purist perspective, you're talking down to those that may be an "average shopper", as if they're all bumbling fools just looking for Beats, yo.

    "The only explanation I can give is that the MTW is solely carried by the name that is “Sennheiser”, leading to a level of cognitive dissonance for the inexperienced." - Implication here, is that only an inexperienced person, lesser than your experience, could possibly enjoy these.

    Maybe you didn't mean it as it came across.
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  9. exitfire401
    I'd only really consider a single one of the three responses to the original article link toxic... Surely by now you know not everybody is going to agree with you.
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  10. gibletzor
    Yeah I didn't mean to come off as defending him as being the ultimate word in audio quality. I just thought it was an interesting point of view because some of it disagrees with a lot of what is said here, but I was surprised by the Galaxy Buds and Jabras being so high on the list. I do think the GBuds sound great, but I haven't tried the MW07 or TMW personally. Nothing wrong with an alternate viewpoint from another type of listener.

    Would have been nice to see one of the better Chi-fi units on there though. They may be too "consumer oriented" for him though, too.

    Also, that Christmas shirt analogy is gold!
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
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  11. vstolpner
    Got my Shanling MTW100 today!! First impressions are awesome! Sound is fantastic! Haven't tried the ambient mode yet, just waiting for them to break in a little more.

    Can't wait to try them out over the weekend. Will try to post the review soon!

    Got the Occiam A5 from the Facebook group too... Huge case but 2200mAh does take up some space.
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  12. Soreniglio
    I love how these look, but they're nowhere to be found for EU soil :frowning2:
  13. LordToneeus
    Oh, you have my fancy tickled. Can’t wait to hear more.
  14. HiFlight
    Don't overlook the Mavin Air-X. Excellent sound + 10hrs between charges.
  15. mattedialdoc
    Can you confirm there is no volume adjustment on the buds?
  16. Grimc
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a TWS heaphone, but I have some doubts about which SoC shoud I take into consideration, the candidates are the Realtek 8763BFR and the QUALCOMM QCC3020, looking at the specifications of them I saw that the Realtek supports stereo output and the QCC3020 doesn't. So that makes the former better?

    I'm considering these 2 models:

    Havit i96 - Realtek 8763BFR

    Wavefun X-Pods 3 - QUALCOMM QCC3020
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