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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Caipirina
    By the way: Listening to the Ytom T1 (Wafefun Xpods 3?) and I am way more impressed than I thought I would be. And I have not even tried the AptX from my Shanling yet. Fit is proper and very sparkly details with good but not overwhelming bass.

    I am planning to do an altogether post discussing the latest sale loot ... or maybe I should create a review website / blog like scarbir? dunno ... :D
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  2. georgelai57
    It seems that every day, a new TWS comes onto the market, almost as regularly as POTUS’s tweets! At the current rate, there is not much point discussing every new FOTM (or FOTD) TWS as to which is better or worse or ”not as good as” without discussing the following points in detail (besides form factor, SQ, battery life, IPX rating, weight, etc, etc):
    1. Bluetooth version
    2. Bluetooth protocols
    3. Bluetooth codecs

    For my handful of Chinese and non-China TWS (I’m not including my headphones, custom IEMs, etc which are all wired anyway), I use Apple Music off an iPhone XR, and to me at least, the things I look out for are the chip used, BT 5.0 and AAC. I also look for AptX in case I ever switch to Android. If the TWS I’m considering doesn’t have these, no other feature matters to me.
  3. vstolpner
    Interesting, I found the Wavefun to be altogether satisfactory. The most impressive aspect was the size of the case and the inclusion of aptX at that price. The sound was a touch muffled but, in fairness, the bass was strong without overpowering.
    Oh and I should mention the use of USB type-C was a nice change.

    With all that, mine sit in a drawer. Much prefer the Mpow T5 for clarity and Tranya T3 for stronger bass.

    Shameless plug: see my review of them in the reviews linked below :-D
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  4. vstolpner
    Just to point out the obvious - you can get all of your requirements in a really cheap TWS that simply uses a Qualcomm chip but skimps out on everything else, including looking for a good quality driver or at the very least in tuning it properly.

    Seems like what you're suggesting is chasing specs, but if that was it you wouldn't be using an iPhone either. It doesn't have the biggest battery, the highest resolution display, the latest in display fingerprint scanner, a quad DAC audio system, etc... I'm guessing you use an iPhone because it delivers the features you want, so should your earphones.

    Not trying to antagonize, just sharing my perspective.
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  5. webvan
    They seem to be like the "HTFYCH" I spotted the other day and someone pointed out it wasn't the same "teardrop" shape as the Anbes and that looks correct. A slight variation for the buds but the rest seems identical (3 contacts for instance)...I don't think anyone's shared their thoughts about this one here ?

    EDIT - actually it looks like yet another variation !

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  6. charleski
    Their full article on the problems with AAC on Android is here: https://www.soundguys.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-bluetooth-headphones-aac-20296
    The review you linked includes some of the graphs from that one. It's been suggested that the major problem is power. AAC is a relatively power-hungry codec and some Android devices might scale down the encoding to be more energy efficient.

    I'm always sceptical when people say they can hear major differences between codecs, but if you're running an AAC encoder that cuts off everything over 15k that will probably be audible, especially for young ears.
  7. Goulou
    To be fair I've used multiple IEMs (both wired/wireless) that didn't have any sort of sweat resistance for a decade at the gym, or when I go out jogging even when it's hot and I'm really sweaty, I've never had a pair that stopped working. The AirPods are not sweat resistant and I see every day people using them at the gym just fine.

    My guess is that the Sony would be fine too.
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  8. hifi80sman
    Anyone give these "Bomaker" TWS a shot yet? 10% off coupon + promo code XPXVCURW gets them down to $29.98. My collection is getting too big and my wife is starting to ask a lot of questions, so I need to make sure they are a solid buy before I hit "Buy Now".
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  9. Caipirina
    I agree that there are way toooo many TWS on the market, but on the other hand I do appreciate all the personal insights people share here.
    I also find it interesting that diff people value diff factors. For me i.e. I don't care much about Type C connector .. and while AptX feels like a 'nice to have' these days, it's also not a deal breaker for me ... On the other hand I am getting tired of those manufacturers who just try to cram in more 'functions', like 'can charge your phone' extra battery power, which makes the case bigger and honestly, with the few sets I have that have that, I never used it ... waste of resources IMHO. Also don't need the LCD number display nor the 'phone stent [sic]' (act as a phone stand) function ... and don't get me started on wristwatch or thermos bottles mounted TWS :)

    I like my cases as small as possible, my listening sessions are usually not that long, so I am even ok with 3-4h battery life ... I like a solid V shape, but also enjoy the UiiSii, which are on the brighter end of the spectrum for things like classical.

    The next big thing I AM looking for is proper ANC, and in this regard I am quite smitten by that 32$ (sale & coupons price) Bonola, which I still hope to write a bit more about at some point. I also would not mind to have the buds shrink to the size of Bose Sleepbuds so that I can actually sleep on the side with them and they turn of silently when they run out of battery :wink:

    Different people, different priorities :)
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  10. Caipirina
    Oooh, they pretty!

    And yeah, wife has been asking questions here as well when 3 more parcels arrived ... she asked 'aren't those expensive?' .. and I pointed at the declared customs value :D ... also mentioned that those 3 parcels are still less than that massage she booked the other day :D

    Maybe a blessing that I cannot order from your amazon ... and take advantage of your uncanny knowledge of extra discount coupons
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  11. LordToneeus
    All right, I’m triggered. I’ll let you know after I receive them tomorrow.
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  12. C_Lindbergh
    Just got this answer from Klipsch after asking about an Ambient mode for their T5 True Wireless:

    "Thanks for contacting product support. While the ambient mode is not accessible at this time, we will shortly be releasing an application that will incorporate the ambient mode for these headphones. We do not have an exact date when that will be released, but we are expecting it to be in the next 2 months. "

    Sadly I've read there's some connection problems with these, but if it can be fixed, along with the app that will enable EQ and Ambient mode... These will almost tick all my boxes for True Wireless :D

    Might be a great deal during black Friday if connection issues are fixed and the new features are released in a good working condition.

    *Good Sound Quailty ( SQ is really good according to reviews, will be even better with EQ )
    * IPX4 water-resistance
    * Ambient Mode/EQ
    * Full controls (no BS unlike Sony)
    * Good Battery life
    *Case not too big
    * APTX

    Only thing missing will be APTX LL and Multi Point.

    Also they are cheaper than both the Sony's and Sennheisers TWS.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  13. Rob E.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  14. nerdspot
    Is it just me or do these look similar to the Syllable S101s?

    Also, did anyone get their Jade Audio EW1 pre-order? I managed to get in at $30 on Amazon.com and mine will arrive on Friday.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  15. stringgz301
    For what it's worth, I've had the Momentum TW's for about 4 months now, and they are probably my worst technology purchase ever. Never-ending connections issues (even today) with my Pixel 3, signal dropping to the left earbud when you turn your head (apparently this is a known issue), really poor battery life when sitting in the case, need to heavily EQ them via the smartphone app to make them anywhere close to neutral (as delivered they EQ is a big U). Sound is ok but not remotely at the level of wired in-ear monitors. Not worth anything near $240 list. Strongly avoid!
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