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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    House of Marley Liberate Air seem to meet your requirements.

    - 9 hours battery life.
    - Additional 2.5x charge w/ case.
    - Personally, I haven't had any drop outs.
    - Great SQ and bests everything I've tried in the price range.
    - Good call quality.

    Keep in mind there are no volume controls on the buds and no ambient mode. Since I primarily use them in the office and have my phone with me, lack of controls on the 'buds is a non-factor in my case.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  2. vstolpner
    Yeah it really is a long thread.... Hard to believe....

    Which mifo O5 did you order?

    Given how good the Chi-Fi units sound these days, I totally agree.
    I'm waiting on a nice set of hybrid TWS before plunking down any more cash... And even then I might wait until the 2nd or 3rd generation of hybrids are out
  3. hifi80sman
    Looking forward to your feedback on the Libratone Track Air+. They look a bit odd, but if they're the real deal, I may jump on them. Can you also comment on call quality?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  4. asak
    The Partron PWE-100 is very good if you like neutral, flat sound. Battery life is good, connectivity is good.

    If you're looking for some sound to put some pep in your step, probably not the best. But if you're looking for something to get you through the day, certainly may fit the bill.
  5. hifi80sman
    Yes, hard to believe the thread has taken off. Interestingly, when browsing Amazon, many of the new releases are Chi-Fi, so it's not that I or most others are specifically looking for Chi-Fi, rather, the major brands just aren't able to crank them out as fast. These look interesting.
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  6. d3myz
    Only Stereo sound? not even 6 or 9 D. Pssshhhh. :p
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  7. HiFlight
    MY Duet 50 has more bass than I really need. To state the obvious, a well-fitting tip providing a solid seal is essential for bass on any IEM.
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  8. hifi80sman
    HAHA! Sorry, no Super 13D sound.

    "25D Sound! So many Dimensions! Sounds like sh**!"
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  9. hifi80sman
    Found these with a $10 off coupon and 15% off. 10mm driver and USB C. I have no idea how they sound, but they look promising. Someone want to take a leap? :p

    Promo Code: 15NHPFQW

    I really need to start working and stop browsing. :)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  10. cacio
    sorry for late reply. I've bought the MPOW M5/T5 on amazon for 50€ right after.

    MPOW M5/T5 vs KZ T1

    -MPOW is better in everything except the fit. M5 is really no problem for 1-2h, but after many hours like with most headphones, it starts to hurt. The KZ T1 are still more comfortable after many hours despise having larger body shell overall.

    - M5 have really good resolution and background details. compares someway to my Takstar Pro 82 and ES9018KM2 DAC PC Setup quality wise.

    -T1 have less background resolution and also sound limited with the AAC 256kbit BT codec. On android custom roms you can toggle SBC HD with stereo >500kbit iirc which is better than AAC256kbit. Sadly you can not toggle SBC HD if the device supports other "HD" codecs like AAC or aptX ...

    - they both deliver solid full frequency experience with deep bass if the songs asks for it. but M5 goes deeper and louder.

    To keep it short, I would say the M5 are 15-25% better in most cases. And the M5 are the best IEM I've aver heard. Its not perfect like my desktop DAC, but usable quality for mobile use. I think if you want better quality and wider Frequency range, you have to use active noise canceling.

    Because of the T1 case and firmware tuning problems, I would advice to get the M5. Don't buy T1.

    Having said that, I can't really sell the T1 because of the ripped off top case. I do still use them from time to time, cuz they are still good IEMs. Mostly when I have placed the M5 further than the T1. Depends on the task. If its for "critical" listening , I always take M5. But if I have to do other stuff while listening, the T1 do a good job.

    Overall I must admit that I am more satisfied with TWS IEMs than I have expected. Such small footprint to take them with you. You have your music on more occasions with you !


    the ultimate M5/T5 hack is to use the ear tips from KZ T1. The stock ear tips make the M5/T5 stick a little bit out of the ears. With the T1 small ear tips, they go as far in as its still comfortable. Also less wind noise if you drive bicycle
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  11. d3myz
    Yea, I was really sad to return them, I used them daily for almost two weeks. tried all sorts of tips and had a good seal, but the just didn't compare to the T5 or the anbes, the Tranya b530's have been excellent as well, so far.
  12. gibletzor
    All of the info on that sounds so vague and generic I'd be afraid to try it! lol
  13. d3myz
    Excellent, Insight. Thank you. I find myself listening to my anbes 359's and Tranya b530's more than my T5's lately, but I always use my T5's in the shower :)
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  14. FYLegend
    For me at least, Sabbat E12 isn't a very flush fit in my ear and isolation is mediocre. It is flat on the outside so it doesn't protrude much though. UFO BE30 and Earfun Free have good flush fit with excellent isolation.
  15. d3myz
    FYI, looks like people have been dropping out of the Advanced M5 indiegogo, there's one Early Bird available for $150. As mentioned, after delivery there's a 30 day money back guarantee.
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