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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. riodgarp
    hmm I also tough that foam ear tips could be reduced the vacuum feel, but squeezing ear tips every time using it? insert ain't nobody got time for that meme here
  2. gibletzor
    Well Tranya was true to their word. I got all my money back for ordering the B530s early and leaving an honest review on Amazon. They never requested or required that it be a 5 star review, but that is what they got anyway. These things are great!
  3. actorlife
    OFUSHO F16 finally shipped I guess they will be here sometime this Wed/Thur. The price went up to $47.
    The Tranya B530 should be here tomorrow hopefully.
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  4. JimmyR
    Glad the new Tranya did not dissapoint you! From the herd of unknown Chi-Fi brands, I really like those guys. They have a clear product focus and every product they put out is an improvement over the previous one.
    I wish they took the jump to adopt one of the Qualcomm chips (adding aptx and possibly a better mic), but they seem to do very well with the Realteks.
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  5. JimmyR
    Well, a long awaited review on the Edifier TWS5 from Gamesky
    Quite positive, especially regarding SQ. Not surprise coming from this brand.

    Still cannot get why they decide to miss control volume. Such a bummer! should they did these could have been very well in my pocket. During the brands week special of AliX a couple of weeks ago and with all coupons and discounts, they run for a bit more than 50 euros.
    Really hope they fix this in the next iteration, since they’re really tempting to me
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  6. Cryu
    Thanks for the reply, I just checked Amazon.ca again and the one seller that has the marleys doesn't do refunds so I guess it's the jabras for me since it's straight from amazon. I really hope they fit well.
  7. TK33
    Check Costco if you have a membership. When I was looking at the Jabras I saw they were cheaper there.
  8. d3myz
    I got both of mine. I'm interested to see your thoughts on the OFUSHO F16's.
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  9. d3myz
    Initial impression of the OFUSHO F16 was not great. they sound a lot more muddy than the B530's, 359's T3 and T5, but then again the 530's and the T3's are pretty bright. Bass and mid bass is quite good and they do have some sparkle, but they are missing some maybe high mids? I can't place it.They sound stage is average and the definition is maybe a bit above average. Comfort wise they are a little bulky and the ear stabilizer? or whatever they are called are just kind of annoying and they aren't removable. controls are good and I kind of like that long pressing adjusts the volume, but it makes it tricky to just go one up/ one down. My biggest complaint is that you have to put them back in the cradle to power them off. I'll keep listening to them, but they aren't bad for $35, but probably should be $25-30? I'm interested to hear others thoughts.
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  10. actorlife
    Holy moly that is the apposite of what others have said. Maybe they need break in with music for a couple of days. Have you tried other tips?
  11. Cryu
    Oh jeez, completely forgot Costco had them too. Guess I'll see if I've got time after work and pick up a pair. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hanzilein
    So, Zagzog TWS, Mpow T5, the UFO and the QCY T1 arrived.
    First thoughts (this is all on 80%+ volume lol and without EQ):
    Zagzog goes back. Can't listen because of very harsh highs, even using equalizer doesn't help.

    Bass is T5 first, then QCY T1 and then the UFO.
    UFO seems brighter than QCY T1 and doesn't go that deep. Highs are a bit harsh too. In 5 seconds of summer - Teeth is a very deep bass at the end. The T5 rumbles a bit :D, on the QCY T1 it is there and on the UFO it is even a little less. Mpow T5 sounds a bit boring in comparison because of the highs.
    Pairing with T5 was easiest, then UFO then QCY T1.

    Sadly, the T5 is that big and sticks out of the ears so much..
    Well, I need to listen some more before making my decision.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  13. actorlife
    Make sure you run music 50% vol. on all of them for a week before you return anything. Believe me they need time to open up.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  14. Hanzilein
    While this is true, I don't think the harsh highs will change on the Zagzog..
    Also for 30-50€ I don't want to invest that much time anymore. In the end I want to keep more than one pair even tho I will only listen to one :darthsmile:
  15. 05stisilver
    Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on the Advanced M5-tws releasing tomorrow? Do they actually make any good sounding iems? I have heard of them but have always thought of them as a lower/low mid tier type of company. But I like the design of these earbuds.
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