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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. GJ2890
    I'm an EOZ backer and this final news is really disappointing...But the price asked during the campaign was not so high (for a single unit), so, even if I feel a bit spoiled, I'll keep waiting the product in the next few weeks (guess I have not so many choice anyway), maybe it will turn out to be really enjoyable (even though I doubt so).
    I feel more pain for superbackers, but this is kickstarter, so, the product advertised at the beginning is rarely the final product.

    I think I will end up buying sennheiser true wireless anyways so...:gs1000smile:
  2. mikp
    yes, it smells like something that rhymes with spam..

    The realtek chip is used in cheap noname chinese tws

    They are what..7 months late and advertised heavily apt-x and at some stages apt-x hd. Then just before shipping they just mention realtek..and now says "It's a clumsy phrasing. It means that the Realtek use another codec than Aptx for those 2 platforms (APTX isn't used by apple products bu default). But as far as we're concerned, audio performances are on par. I'm actually surprised how regular APTX is so praised here... Good marketing I guess as they were the first on the market."

    surprised ..sure.. from their campaign..

    The custom made 8mm electro-dynamic drivers deliver a fine tuned High Resolution Audio for a natural sound signature. Combined with the latest aptX® technology, that significantly reduces the bit rate without affecting audio quality, you get a pure wireless CD-like quality sound.
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  3. swesko
    looking for some good BT earbuds for gym workouts, mostly weight lifting...i just looked at jabra 65t and the Bose soundsport free..anything else to consider?i just dont want crappy sound espcially after i have to listen through my u18t on my way home :) not expecting the same S but something not muddy or distorted
  4. clerkpalmer
    I would consider the Sony SP700N as well particularly if you can sacrifice some battery life for SQ.
  5. clerkpalmer
    I emailed Audio Technica and they said the ETA on their new TW is not until December. I really wish we could go back to the days when products were actually available when released.
  6. swesko
  7. clerkpalmer
    True. But they sound good. I have not heard the Jabra so I can't comment on the SQ. Most reviews say it is good but perhaps not as good as the Bose which I have heard. I put the Sony in line with the Bose on SQ. The Jabra seems to be the consensus pick for well-rounded - good SQ, good battery, good fit and good connection. You probably can't go wrong with them. If SQ is your priority, you might prefer the Sony to the Jabra that's all.
  8. swesko
    thanks, tahst what i read everywhere so i was just looking for people who have tried all of either one of those..no local seller is selling the jabra active 65t here but one is selling the Bose so i'll go with bose :frowning2:
  9. SomeGuyDude
    TBH the Sony sound better than the Bose and Jabra to my ears. Jabra is more even but less engaging, and in the gym having that burly low end is important to me.
  10. clerkpalmer
  11. SomeGuyDude
    They sure look interesting, but having heard M&D's "high end" wireless over-ears I admit I have very little interest in them. I'm a VModa fanboy and I thought the MW60 bass was blown out and ugly.
  12. clerkpalmer

    Looks promising. Initial reviews say the best SQ yet. I grabbed a set with a 10% code from the M&D website. I figure, what the hell. IPX4 - so hopefully they can withstand a workout?
  13. mikp
    Well, the mavin x is out, too bad it is on indiegogo. Kickstarter is enough risk (have one item waiting to ship)

    so,- the upcoming ones that look interesting are ATH-CKR7TW and the momentum wireless. But the prices seems too high.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  14. dweaver
    I saw the Mavin post as well. I might take a chance on that one. The fact that they are working directly with Qualcomm gives me a bit more confidence. My only other concern is whether they will sound good. Hopefully their desire to provide bass doesn't trump sound quality.
  15. SomeGuyDude
    I'm heavily curious about Senn's, personally.

    C'mon VModa, go for some True Wireless!!
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