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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. vstolpner
    So looks like quite a few people here are ordering them now.... Guess no point for me to pick them up until there's more feedback :)
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  2. actorlife
    I can't wait till they release more colors of the T1. Seem like a T3 is coming as well... This is hearsay and we will see. Exciting time in TWS. Just adding more battery will make them better.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  3. Slater
    To everyone ordering the KZ T1 - consider getting the ZSE deal (where you add $2 to the cost of the T1). The ZSE not a phenomenal earphone, but for $2 it makes a great gift.
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  4. Caipirina
    Would this actually be the first hybrid TWS?
    I am a total sucker for KZ IEMs... now this, sure, first one might have some growing pains. And sure enough we will get an AptX version in a few weeks. But heck. Finally something to be excited about.
    Let’s see if / when / how well or not shipping & delivery will work out. Tested once before and it actually worked. But don’t want to make it a habit.
  5. Bartig
    I owned two headphones of Edifier, a wired and wireless one. They have a good balanced sound and above average specs for their price... I just didn't fall in love with them. That withheld buying their TWS for me.

    Considered! And naaaah. Have enough. :p
  6. actorlife
    Did you get fast shipping? Or regular shipping? What is the fastest you got them from Ali? Yeah KZ makes great stuff I've never been disappointed in the ones I bought + they are super cheap. I had to leave that KZ thread cause it got addictive. It really is exciting as f$$k to hear this news. Haha be prepared for at least 5 or more variety of KZ TWS by the end of the year. Get your monies ready.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  7. Mouseman
    I'm waiting for the version with the blue faceplates. They won't trick me again! :)
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  8. actorlife
    How did you guess my thoughts? Hahaha
  9. Bartig
    It's interesting to see KZ's making a move towards the true wireless earphones market. However... They're calling it a public beta, that's a first, and second... There are just so many hit and misses from KZ. We really won't know what we'll get. :)
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  10. actorlife
    I agree I've read some hit and misses since I left the KZ thread. The ones I got were highly recommended and some I took a chance and was glad I did. If these are anything like my beloved KZT(some people had issues with theirs I got a good one. I guess it's where you source it from dunno) I'll be thrilled.
  11. hifi80sman
    Indeed. 3 hours is the only thing I'm concerned with. The M&D MW07 lists 3 hours, but realistically, you're looking at 2 to 2.5 depending on volume level, which is unacceptable, especially since they sound so good! It's like going to a sushi buffet and just being able to eat half a roll.
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  12. zeppu08
    Can anyone compare the 359, tranya t3 and mpow t5?? Which has the better price to performance ratio? Planning to get my first TWS but wanting it to be worth the money..
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  13. actorlife
    Any of them. I can vouch for the 359 you won't be disappointed with them and to me the best I've tried. Wait till Amazon July 27th availability or get the Kissral R18(same as 359) on sale for $29 recently. I don't own the others you mentioned.
    My TWS Overviews: Click here
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  14. vstolpner
    Keep in mind that since the T1 are KZ's first foray into TWS earphones (they even state that it's a public beta), I wouldn't be surprised for there to be issues with compatibility with different phones, or left-right balance issues, or connectivity issues, or just plain simple longevity.... So if you're looking for a solid and tested product, look at the others on your list.

    I'm waiting for my MPOW T5, but between the Tranya and Anbes, if you like more base, go for Tranya's, if you want more balanced sound, go for Anbes. Other than that, it's a preference of what you see in photos. I have reviewed both - see my signature.
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  15. hifi80sman
    I've been looking at these. So you're saying on an iPhone there's an issue with AAC playback? The iPhone, obviously, doesn't have aptX, so that should be a non-factor. Trying to better understand to see if it's worth taking a shot or not.

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