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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. BigZ12
    Can confirm that the Lypertek TEVI is not an identical copy of Mpow T5.
    Had a very nice chat with Marco at Lypertek, and he said the following:
    "Of course not the re-brand for MPOW models. We made the own tooling and tunes the sound by ourselves to meet our requirements. If you have the MPOW model, you can compare the sound by yourself. Then you will know. :)"

    I asked about what he meant by tooling, and he replied:
    "The tooling means the mold to inject the plastic parts. You can see the upper cover of TEVI is unique from the market."

    Just have to say I love the Tevis after having them for a day. 9,5 out of 10. Just missing HD codecs, and transparent mode maybe. Sound great, and the battery is awesome!
  2. Bartig
    The Mpow T5 sounds a bit more smooth than the tranya T3, which has a more emphasized bass. I love them both. You can read my Tranya T3 review here, by the way. My T5 review is in the making. Still enjoying and comparing it first. :p

    Don't buy the second one if you have an iPhone! The AptX screws up the connection on the iPhone, causing minor sound dips between the earpieces and some weird crackles in the sound. It does sound great on Android though.

    Maybe my Leaderboard of cheap true wireless earphones can help you furter. Basically, everything rated 4 and 5 stars is great. I haven't tested Blitzwolf models because Blitzwolf itself can't even tell me which of their wireless earphones is the best...
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  3. BobJS
    These are not the droids you're looking for ...
  4. Soreniglio
  5. BobJS
    tw1.jpg tw2.jpg

    Let's tell it like it is. Most of these are junk. The only ones worth getting are:

    1. MW07
    2. Bose Free Soundsport
    3. Nuarl

    Commence trash talk ! :smile_phones:
  6. ccrys
    Can someon recommend tw earphones under 100$ ?
    I'm temptated for tfz x1e or Mifo O5, wich is the same product rebranded?

    Has anyone compared them with Sennheiser mtw ? I know that is more expensive, but I can consider to buy sh if worth it.
  7. tsoltan
    I tried sennheiser mtw and audio technica tws in the store and my girlfriend has mifo o5(pro). Yes SH and AT have better sound but not for 200$ more then mifo. Also its a huge difference between those tws and my tin audio t2 even with trn bt10 cable. I can't listen to mifo right away after it. So my point of view - if you are going to listen to tws - you should always listen to it and do not switch to a better one(because you will be disappointed anyway).
  8. clerkpalmer
    As in the tin t2 w bt10 beats the mtw ?
  9. tsoltan
    In SQ for my ears yes. But trn by10 is so ugly =(
    But mtw have better mic, functionality, look and they are tws.
    If I had odd 300$ I would definitely buy them.
    But tin t2 with bt10 combo for 50$ is dope.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  10. snip3r77
    The battery life is not permanent. I think it's better for most of us to buy 'good enough'
    actorlife and Dcell7 like this.
  11. BobJS
    I'm sure that's true. My post was really tongue-in-cheek. If there's a point to be made, it's that one could buy a 'really good' TW IEM for less than a medium to large size collection of 'good enough's. To each his own.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
    WesennTony likes this.
  12. chinmie
    i don't have problems or disappointed switching between my wired and TWS or BT20S combos

    between the Tin T2 (sparkly and detailed) and Mifo o5 (warm and midbass-y), i can see that the sound would be quite a jump in sound signature, but I'd argue it's not because the mifo is lower in sound quality
  13. WesennTony
  14. clerkpalmer
    Any English translations?
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