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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Soreniglio
    For what I'm listening to so far, they're quite good sound-wise.

    I'll try to compare them to the QCY.

    I might decide to give them to my mom, as I previously said.
  2. BigZ12
    It certainly looks that way. Especially the case looks very alike. (except the Sennheiser Momentum type fabric wrapping)
    But some of the specs are different? Battery life for instance?
    Anyway, I paid $89.90... that's $40 more than the Mpow on Aliexpress :frowning2: That doesn't feel so good.
    Luckily they valued the package $20, so I didn't have to pay tax. (In Norway it's 25% tax, and about $15 in toll handling for everything over about $40)
    And the shipping time vs AliExpress was amazing. Thursday --> Monday from Hong Kong to Oslo with DHL Express. Worth a little bit that too?

    PS: True story, they've been in my ears for 5,5 hours now. Sounding better and better. Using the Spinfit C-100 medium size. No dropouts and the best part? My iPhone X show 39% battery on the Tevis after 5,5 hours with about 60% volume!
    Bartig likes this.
  3. snip3r77
    which seller is it?
  4. Soreniglio
    Anbes Audiocart Store, but the owner is the same of Anbes Official Store.
  5. snip3r77
    So the item is correct but the controls are faulty?
  6. vstolpner
    Just a heads up, MPOW T5 on Amazon.com going on Lightning sale later today

    As are the Funcl's....
  7. Soreniglio
    The item is not Anbes, it's offbrand, the case has different lights, the controls are faulty.
  8. TontonRay
    I got mine from ANBES 3C Accessories Store. And to be fair, they placed a note in the product's description saying that it's without the Anbes logo but of the same high quality.
    snip3r77 likes this.
  9. david8613
    when where I just checked I don't see? link???
    srinivasvignesh likes this.
  10. albau
    Judging by button covers falling off on my three month old original Anbes 359 and by other problems I wouldn't call it "high quality". Even for $30 I paid on Amazon. Sound is another story, but then let's not pretend it's MW07 "high quality". That said still amazing and to me overall still better proposition than even MPOW T5, not speaking of Jabra 65t.
  11. TontonRay
    I hear ya. Hope mine will last a bit longer.
    Waiting for the Mpow T5 to arrive so I can compare them.
    vstolpner likes this.
  12. Boreaquis
    That's the main reason I didn't get one (well, that and the all the off-brand nonsense on AliExpress). My Sabbat X12 and Havit i93 still look flawless after 8 months, which is what you'd expect even for cheap products.

    Got my fingers crossed for the Nillkin Go.
  13. vstolpner
    Here you go.

    Edit: not sure if file added properly.... Let me how if you can't see it
  14. srinivasvignesh
    No link...
  15. david8613
    Cant see
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