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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. HiFlight
    I just received my GRDE X10 and so far it is doing a fine job. Sound is well balanced tonally, pairing has been flawless and connection to my source rock solid. Packaging was well done with clear instructions, including a wallet sized quick reference card. I like the digital readout of remaining percent of power in the charging case. All inputs seem to be via capacitive touch rather than pushing a button.

    Fit and seal for me is excellent using tips from my own collection which do fit into the charger case. The necks and lip are larger than the very small ones on my Outlier Air and Jabra 16t, both of which require tip with tiny necks.
    Overall, I believe these perform well above their modest cost and I am very pleased with my purchase.
  2. chinmie
    here's another one: Syllable SD16. similar form factor but with touch controls, but no volume controls like the Go


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  3. vstolpner
    Actually wouldn't mind to see what's inside those earpieces and case as well... Inner tinkerer in me wants to know... Lol
  4. Caipirina
    Slightly off topic maybe, but i am curious what you guys say. I had to open a dispute on one TWS because it would not connect at all. Now the seller is making this IMHO unreasonable ‘demand’ / suggestion


    this would create about 1-2h of extra work ‘deleting’ and then re-pairing everything... with no guarantee this fixes the issue.

    I have sometimes the feeling they come up with tasks to keep you busy or forget about the dispute. What if they ask ‘re-install the OS on your phone’ ...
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  5. vstolpner
    Totally agree. While I give the benefit of the doubt, that they give these suggestions because that one time in that one specific case it helped... It certainly feels like it's too create work and make you forget about it...

    Try pairing it with different phones... If it doesn't work then just say nothing worked... If seller is still unreasonable, let AE step in and resolve dispute
  6. snip3r77
    Stupid question
    How much is anbes 359
    During the recent Ali sales?
  7. vstolpner
    Hard to say because on Ali there isn't really a confirmed true Anbes 359... Most of them are rebrands with different functionality and sound quality.

    Your best bet is Kissral R18 off of Amazon. If you're looking for US delivery I have an Amazon link in my review (see signature)
  8. FYLegend
    Hmm, I thought there was some indication Anbes 359 would be restocked July 27 on Amazon.com? I don't see that restock date any longer... I wonder if Anbes is going out of business soon lol

    Has anyone tried DFOI JS19? They look like a 359-type shell but light up green around the rim, and have a different charging case that claims 24h. The specs also seem different and I can't tell if it uses Type C or MicroUSB.

    I'll probably post fuller impressions of Earfun Free in a few days, but so far I really enjoy them, although I do have a few gripes. I've seen many comments about reliability issues including them not charging.
    - Asyncrhonous charging lights that stop blinking when the buds are fully charged.
    - Button controls - this isn't so much a problem on its own but it induces the driver flex/pressure and sometimes I will have to re-insert them.
    - Driver flex/pressure - When I tilt my head to the left, the left driver starts to sound muffled - doesn't happen on the right side but I do get intermittent pressure/driver flex there as well. There's this odd "sucking", muffled sound when there is too much pressure on the driver. The Coolhere UFO had bad driver flex that caused distorted sound, but it would only be temporary when pushing the buttons.

    Aukey T10 is finally listed on Amazon.ca for 130$. I'm wondering how people find them sound-wise?
  9. BigZ12
    Got my Lypertek Tevis for an hour ago. Just unpacked and connected them.
    These got almost everything. AptX, AAC, BT5.0, 10 hours battery, ipx7, usb-c, volume control, siri/google assistant etc.. Even came with a free gift, a set of Flexifit foam tips.

    First impressions are impressive.
    Very detailed and clear sounding (without being harsh at all), balanced as announced but with enough bass (not for bassheads maybe?). EDIT: With the right eartips, I can recommend it to bassheads too :) With the Spinfit CP-100, Symbio by Mandarines and Comply T-200 there are plenty bass!
    Soundstage and stereo imaging sounds great for a TWS.

    Good fit (sticks out longer than the Anbes (as every TWS), but on par with the QCY T2C).
    Connectivity is as great as other BT5.0 TWS. Walking around all corners of my apartment without dropouts when my iPhone X is laying in the living room.

    $89.90 - free shipping (sent Thursday from Hong Kong, got them here in Oslo today - DHL Express)

    Can post an update when they have been used some hours, if it's interesting.
    Think these are a keeper!

    Edit 2: Just found this review: http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/reviews/lypertek-tevi-true-wireless-earphone-review/

    Clean, Balanced, Good Bass and Wide Sound Stage Sound Signature.
    Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 for stable connection.
    Super Light and Comfortable Wearing Experience.
    IPX7 waterproof.

    Driver: High Performance 6mm Graphene Driver
    Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz
    Microphone: cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression
    Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth 5.0
    Bluetooth Codec: Qualcomm aptX, AAC, SBC
    Play Time (Max): Max 10 hours* And Max. 70 hours with Charging Case (*Volume 50% based on SBC)
    Waterproof Level: IPX7
    Features: Music & Volume Control, Phone Call & Voice Assistant Calls.

    TEVI Truly Wireless Earphone - 1pair
    Charging Case - 1pc
    S, M, L Silicone Tips - 1pair per size
    Flexfit Foam Tips (M size) -1pair
    USB Type-C cable -1pc
    Quick Start Manual - 1pc
    FLEXFIT FOAM TIPS "gift" - S, M, L - 1pair per size

    IMG_3270.JPG IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3267.JPG IMG_3266.JPG IMG_3265.JPG IMG_3264.JPG IMG_3263.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  10. DigDub
    I have the Aukey t10. The highs aren't very good, treble details are lacking.
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  11. Bartig
    Your description and the design of the case and earpieces make it quite clear for me: this is another design of the excellent Mpow T5!
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  12. Soreniglio
    I received my faux "Anbes 359".

    First things first:

    No Anbes on Bluetooth device, but "Air".
    No blue light, it's white.
    No volume control.
    I can't move to the previous track with the controls.
    If I press the right earphone too hard it switches off instead of going to the next track.


    HUGE soundstage, the bass is punchy but seems controlled to me, mids are okay, highs too.

    I am a bit mad because of the USELESS controls.

    I'll ask the seller for a partial refund.

    I also received the QCY on the same day, I'll try them tomorrow.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  13. TontonRay
    Hi, from your description I think I have the same ones as yours. Mine says Letscom on the manual. But on mine you can actually control the volume with double clicks (R is +, L is -).
    The earphones have their separate volume from the phone's so try again by double clicking a few times as the change in volume when you press the buttons is quite subtle.
    I really like the sound on them and my only gripe is that I can't reach more than 3 hours playing on one charge.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  14. Soreniglio

    They're not the same, sadly.

    No brand on the user manual, with double tap on the Right Google assistant shows up...
  15. TontonRay
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