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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. chinmie
    i wish haven't have too many already, or else I'm sure to try the anbes based on the so many recommendations here :ksc75smile:

    haven't tried the T3, but i can tell you you are buying the tech for the 65t.
    soundwise, many sub 100 usd TWS can surpass it.
  2. Trilis
    Maybe I should just try on T3, what else sub 100 TWS I could check on?

    Checked many reviews, seems top of the list is T3. Top overall goes active 65t or galaxy buds.

    Galaxy buds or active 65t costs me ~120usd.
  3. RobinFood
    For 100 euros you are really spoiled for choice. I really liked the Astrotec s60, so I might get the new S80s. Advance model X is also coming soon under that price and looks really promising. I might get the creative outlier, or I might even get the TRN BT20S and buy a TinAudio T2 to go with it, just to stay under 100 euros. Being in Japan, I could get the first Nuarl that didn't have APTx but still had HDSS and I would be under that price point.

    On sound alone, I think a lot of earbuds sound better even in the sub 50$ zone. I didn't like the imaging and separation, or the soundstage of the Jabras.
  4. vstolpner
    You need to give a bit more info to really answer that... What are you going to use it for? What type of music are you going to listen to? What kind of sound do you like?

    If you prefer the Apple AirPods type fit, there's the Sabbat X12. If you like base, you can try the Anbes 359 (maybe Sabbat E12, not sure what that latest on that is). If you're really base sensitive or really enjoy very detailed sound with little base, try one of the balanced armature units: mifo O5, Astrotec S60.

    Be a little more clear so we can give a better response. And look through the last dozen or so pages for general recommendations as well as check people's signatures for what they're using and check out reviews for those earphones.
  5. BobJS
    Personally, I had to call it quits when I saw the picture (form factor --- that stem!)
  6. Bartig
    Clear! Skip the Jlab, thanks!

    Finally have the Anbes on order. Curious how they will stand against my now 14 competitors. :p

    I'd go for the Tranya T3. Excellent sound quality, all controls on the earpieces, good battery life.
  7. Trilis
    Mostly I will be using in gym and cycling, prefer Rock music and some EDM. Really like crisp sound with good bass, so I can hear that bass guitar vibes clearly :)
  8. vstolpner
    From my testing I'd suggest the Anbes 359. A lot of people here are recommending Tranya T3 as well, but I haven't heard those to comment.
    Mifo O5 Standard might be great too just due to the firm factor and IPX7 rating.
  9. Soreniglio
    @chinmie Do environment sound leak through when you are listening to music with Nillkin Go?
  10. vstolpner
    Very curious how you find the Anbes stack up against Tranya T3, mifo O5, and 1more Stylish!!
    Alphasoixante and Bartig like this.
  11. chinmie
    yes, similar to other more open back IEMs
  12. snip3r77
    For sub $50 , most are running at around 5 hours ? I like good bass so it’s anbes 359?
  13. vstolpner
    From my experience, yes. I haven't tried the Tranya T3 or the Syllable S101. All three have really good feedback on here but in not sure how many people here have combination of these. If you're on a newer Snapdragon processor, you might benefit from S101's Qualcomm chipset.
    snip3r77 likes this.
  14. BigAund
    Got the Cambridge Melomania yesterday.

    They aren't as large as they look in the photos thankfully but I do get some discomfort wearing them. As the included eartips are too small, I am forever having the push them deeper in my ears to get a seal and that causes them to rub against part of my ear and become uncomfortable. The nozzles are massive so I'm not sure I have any other tips that would cover them! Anyone having the same issues, can recommend some alternative tips?
  15. pack21
    What TWS did you get?
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