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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. palestofwhite
    My current NT01AX in "Black Gold" is pretty nostalgic and reminds me of a bronze Shure SE530 I used to own.

    But other than that, I'd always prefer a more discrete colour like black when given with a choice.
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  2. RobinFood
    I don't know if it is possible to be discrete with something sticking out of your ear that much :D

    Sure, it is black metallic and not the black from the NT01b, but I didn't like it in black. It made it look cheap.

    And anyways, my wife has already accepted the NT01ax in black gold as something I just own and not another new, expensive and redundant purchase I made...
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  3. palestofwhite
    A wife's acceptance of expensive audio gear is of utmost importance for married men like us... :D

    I shall also proudly wear my black gold pair, as my wife was pretty pissed when she had to accompany me to the distributor twice to address the cosmetic issues... :blush:
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  4. hifi80sman
    I have both an iPhone Xs Max (AAC) and a Galaxy S8, which I use to run things from aptX & LDAC. Once the firmware is updated, you'll notice the drain issue is not as rapid as it was before, but it will still happen. I haven't actually timed it precisely, but I want to say if it's charged on Monday, the case will be dead on Friday.
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    I can’t imagine that the fw in the buds is different depending on what platform you did the update on. The app on the other hand could be different
  6. 05stisilver
    Thanks. I was waiting on your impressions. I'm ordering them tonight. Assuming you are in the US what shipping method did you use? The free shipping or the Fedex or DHL?
  7. clerkpalmer
    TNT was a little cheaper than DHL so I went with that. Said 2 days but it took 3 business day. They got held up by 1 day. Not too bad.
  8. Ypsilon
    I ordered the NT01AX from Stereo two days ago and opted for the free shipping to Norway. The free shipping turned out to be Fedex International Economy, at least for me, so it doesn't seem to be any different from the Fedex International Economy option at 33 USD. It's already reached Germany, though "scheduled delivery" is in another 12 days (so 14 days total). Hoping it arrives sooner...
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  9. turbobb
    I had these and while they were decent, they stuck out a bit too far and wouldn't be great for gym/running as most of the weight is bore on the outer edges and would be jarred lose. They are insanely loud, but the SQ is just so so, it's SBC and the implementation leaves it a bit grainy sounding. For under $30, they're not a bad choice by any means but I'd personally pay a little more for something better or even consider the QCY's (I've not personally tried them but there's been quite a bit of praise over the past few pages for them).
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    Whats your opinion about Anbes 360?
  11. BigZ12
    Can you provide me with a link? I'm from Norway, and want to order the NT01AX too :)
  12. Ypsilon
    Here you go!

    Note that Stereo doesn't offer the black metallic colour for it at this time, if you would prefer that.
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  13. BigZ12
    Thanks. Color is not too important, but if I could, I would buy the black metallic. You are sure to get the latest revision (was it MT3) from Stereo?
  14. clerkpalmer
    Mine are mt3.
  15. BigZ12
    And you paid SGD 236.55? No coupons or anything?
    And Ypsilon, we lucky Norwegians must pay additional NOK 160,- in "tollklarering" and 25% VAT on the total package value... :frowning2:
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