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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. chinmie
    different form factor.. not really apple to apple. but i would suggest avoid the mifo pro version and get the standard version instead: cheaper and just sound better than the pro

    so get the sabbat if you want open design, or mifo standard if you want sound isolation. both are great for the price
  2. magi44ken
    How is the microphone quality when talking inside the car or outside like a park? Are the buttons pretty responsive when you press them? Meaning don't have to push too hard .
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  3. chinmie
    it's not about the coin, per se... the "do you really need this many? looks from my wife and son :sweat_smile:

    volume-wise the T1C is loud enough at around 70 to 80 percent of my phone. it did however became low in volume a while ago after i updated my phone's firmware..that the only way to made it loud is to set the "Media Volume Sync" to "On"...but i don't like this setting because it messes up my other bluetooth earphones that have volume control.

    i have found a solution though: by unpairing the T1C, reset it (pressing the button for a few seconds while on the case) then pair it up again to the phone. now i can set the "Media Volume Sync" off and still have the T1C volume at ample amount
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  4. RobinFood
    The defective one I had before was absolutely horrible for calls. I haven't tried the one I have now for calls since I don't call often and am more likely to use Sabbat for calls given how comfortable they are.

    I will try it out if I can.

    The buttons take some getting used to because of where they are. You have to sandwich the whole unit between your fingers. When yoi get yhe hang of it they work great.
  5. Coladdict
    Thanks. Which one has a clearer mid and high? Prefer better mid/high than bass ... TIA
  6. chinmie
    between the mifo and sabbat? the sabbat. if you like mids and highs, the T1C is also a good pick
  7. Coladdict
  8. hanspedabexter
    What do you guys think of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless? Really consider buying a pair, but maybe there's a better alternative in that price range?
    Thread has a lot of pages so it's become really hard to find a straight answer
  9. clerkpalmer
    Just fired up my Nuarls hot off the plane from Singapore. First impressions are very good. Quick pairing, nice premium feel and design. SQ is excellent. I'm not sure I'm ready to declare them better than the MW07 but they aren't far off. They are more neutral than the MW07, less warm and have more overall clarity. They remind me more of the Senns in terms of tonality versus the MW07. The bass is more controlled than the Senns which I prefer. I'd definitely rank them equal if not ahead of the Senns for SQ.

    More listening to be done but this feels like a good purchase for the approx. $200 paid particularly if you are looking for a balanced clear sound signature. If they could get these to the US for $150 on Amazon, I think they'd be a sleeper hit. I do hear the noise floor mentioned above - not sure what that's about but it's no big deal and disappears once the music starts.

    will post more impressions.

    Thanks for the tips upthread.
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  10. actorlife
    Get the Anbes 359 or Funcl W1. I will not recommend the X12. The sound is a bit muffled and my right earbud stopped working less than 2 weeks. I have not heard the mifo, but peeps here like it.
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  11. actorlife
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  12. palestofwhite
    Looks like Nuarl just announced a new colour for the NT01AX. NT01AX-BM or also know as "Black Metallic".

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  13. clerkpalmer
    Well I sure as *** would have preferred that. Oh well.
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  14. palestofwhite
    My exact sentiments! Argghhh... @RobinFood are you going to return yours to get this instead?
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  15. RobinFood
    No, I like the black gold color, and being in Japan I am sure I won't have any problems getting support for my unit in the future having already talked to the company.
    Having seen their NT01B in black it doesn't look as good as the black gold of the NT01AX.

    That being said, I am waiting for them to make an NT01 with the QCC5000 SOC when other units start to hit with the chip. These Japanese TWE companies have a track record for picking them up and re-updating their sets fairly quickly, and Nuarl was offering upgrades from NT01 sets to the NT01AX a while ago. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for that instead.
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