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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. LajostheHun
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  2. mjb152
    I just bought my first pair of QCY T1C from ebay in the UK £18. They're rather good, ever so slightly tinny at top volume.
    The buttons are a bit unusable as you press the buds into your ears , but for the price they're very good. No bluetooth dropouts if I put my phone in any pockets (which used to happen with an older set of wired soundpeats)

    I like the size and shape of these, but I'd really like something louder. Whats next up the chain ?
  3. Slater
    Agreed, that’s effing annoying.

    Putting them in the ears and also the case without pressing either button, requires some ninja skill I do not possess.
  4. mjb152
    plus I've resorted to putting a tiny piece of white tape on one just so I know which ear it should go in. :smile_phones:
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  5. albau
    Anbes 359. They're louder, better built, better case, volume controls, USB-c. But buttons are stiff as well.
  6. mjb152
    thanks, can't see those at all in the UK yet, but I'll keep looking
  7. Nikostr8
    is there any difference between QCY T1C and T2C? or its just the charging capacity in the case ? and the lid. It available in gearbest for 5 euros more (25€) than the T1C on aliexpress (20€). If its worth the 5€ difference i could go for the T2C.
  8. clerkpalmer
    My nuarl arrive Thursday. I had messaged Nuarl support about ordering in the US and they said no information at this time. They also said if you order intentionally, there is no warranty. I emailed them back and said what I assume they mean is there is no support in the US (makes sense) but I would hope they could be sent back to Japan if need be. Still waiting on a response. Hoping these are the TOTAL TW IEM others are saying they are.
  9. tayo15
    Which is why I ordered from stereoshop. Since they have their own warranty. The US doesnt have a distributor yet since they just hit the market.
  10. clerkpalmer
    I ordered from Stereoshop too. Glad to hear there is some warranty support in the unlikely chance something is wrong.
  11. DannyBai
    Ridiculous that the qcy and tiso function better then the Sennheiser. I would not recommend Sennheiser ever after getting the Chinese twe’s
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  12. albau
    Not to excuse the Senns but they have more complexity, at least compared to t1c, like transparency mode, auto pause, volume controls, loadable eq, the app. And then they still sound much better
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  13. howdy
    How do you mean function better? I never have any issue's with mine since day one. They always auto connect they always do what I want it to. I do wish the app had a regular eq and the update for the battery would come out, but all in all they have been perfect for me and still my favorite of all the TW that I have.
    Not to diss what you mentioned, I'm glad you really like yours!
  14. clerkpalmer
    The biggest issue with the Senns is the fact that the battery drains in the charging case over time. And if you are left with a dead case, the headphones won't turn off and can't be turned off manually. This is a major misfire by Senn given their size and resources in the consumer electronics space. The issue can be managed by keeping the case charged but if you find yourself with a dead case, it becomes supremely annoying to have the buds stay connected to your phone.
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  15. d3myz
    Just a thought. I'm not as astute at presenting my thoughts as many of you blokes, but I have been using the Anbes 359's for 4 days now and thought i'd give my impressions. The only other TWS' I own are the Syllable D900P, Pamu Scroll and QCY T1-Pro's. I'd have to say compared to the Syllable's and QCY's which sound almost identical except for a bit more mid-bass from the Syllable's the Anbes have incredible sub-bass! Wow! I was not expecting that. Like it's been mentioned they have rolled off highs and recessed mids, but the two seem pretty balanced. I'm not sure the term you would use for vocal imaging in music but it sounds thin to me and like it's fighting for it's place in the mix, but not fitting. As far as sound stage, it sounds the same to me as the QCY's and the Syllables, quite narrow, but not an issue. the QCY's have more treble and makes audiobooks a touch clearer at lower volumes. The Anbes are definitely louder than either and seem to last a good four hours or more. Sound Isolation on the Anbes is excellent, but my major complaint is the fit. I just can't get them to feel comfortable in my ears, I've tried comply tips, Spiral dots, the stock silicone tips in S,M and L and they just seal too well which ends up giving me an ear ache. maybe I need to experiment with some tips like the slitted pioneers. All in all, I love the volume controls on the Anbes and they connect quickly. The dimmer leds are also very nice for use at bedtime. Hope that helps, My T1S/T1C's will be here on Thursday, I'm excited to compare.
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