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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Bartig
    Wow, curious what others think of this.
  2. david8613
    I have not tried the mwo7 yet, but I am curious, its on my bucket list to try next. I can tell you for sure that you are not getting a proper seal, when ever it sounds too trebly, harsh no bass its most likely the seal. it might feel like you have a seal but I am sure you don't, once you get that great seal you will know it. try to take off the little ear fins, sometimes those parts don't allow proper seal, everyone's ears are different, I have taken them off other headsets when I could not get proper seal. when you get it right BOOM! great bass, everything sounded much better and everthing falls into place. you can also try twisting the them in like screw, with your jaw open, then once in your ears close your jaw, and another hack I use sometimes is moisten the tips a little it sounds nasty but it really works.

    oh another thing is leave them over night playing music or white noise. "burn in" is a real thing to me, I can hear the difference from day one to day 5, after speakers burn in things settle down and the buds give its true sound signature. I have had earphones that sounded terrible one day one, tight, flat, harsh, no bass, closed in sound stage and I was like "what the hell is everyone talking about?" and then a week later they go deep with a wide sound stage and they actually sing, wow. I just experienced this with the seinheiser mtw, they really didn't sound that great to me out the box, now I am very happy with great sound!
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  3. clerkpalmer
    Sounds like they are defective. While reasonable minds can disagree about whether MW07 is THE BEST, there is no way they don't outperform budget models or JLab (I owned Epic Air Elite and MW07 destroys them). You might try an exchange. Something seems off. MW07 are not fatiguing on the treble. They are very warm and musical.
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  4. howdy
    Its sounds like you have a bad seal. Many people here have had issues with this including myself. I have spinfits on mine and bass lacking is something these are not. You neee to do some tip rolling to see what works for you. I have mine in right now listening to some Limp Bizkit my way and it sounds amazing!
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  5. fortquo7
    Thanks everyone for the tips. I’m thinking it may be defective. When the audio is off there’s a staccato hissing / spitting in the left ear. I agree seal may be at play. On my JBuds air there’s an audible pop when I lose a seal. What tips do y’all recommend? I tried comply back in the day but found they irritated my ears.
    Powerbeats Pro have a lot to live up to, and I think they’ll be among the best true wireless IEM’s if not the best. While Beats let me down once (Beats Studio3 wasn’t great), it looks like they really tried with the Powerbeats Pro to get the fit and sound right. This is a segment of the market they could absolutely dominate like the AirPods since they share the new H1 chip, so they have a lot riding on the Powerbeats Pro.

    Even more impressively, it looks like they followed a form follows design language. They’re not the best-looking Beats, but they are the most functional and I’d bet they’ll be the most refined.

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  7. SuperLuigi
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  8. clerkpalmer
    These are compelling because they solve the main issues with AirPods. Namely poor sq and fit.

    I’m guessing good to very good sq and the h1 chip with long battery life will make these excellent albeit probably 50 too expensive. Apple tax. I’ll be preordering because I’m a fanboy. I doubt they will unseat senn and m&d for pure sq. But 9 hours of battery life is impressive.
    If we take connectivity into account, the Powerbeats Pro will probably be the market leader. (Even if we don’t, they’ll still likely outsell the competition.)

    My guess is they’ll measure extremely well with low harmonic distortion, high quality imaging, refined frequency response and in actual listening sound good to great. Although, it’s Beats and I’ve found glaring issues with the Studio3 and to a lesser extent the BeatsX. We will see but I do expect Powerbeats Pro to be the most refined in overall frequency response and sound quality.

    Even though they sound the best currently, Momentum True Wireless still has issues I’ve seen mentioned in reviews that Sennheiser has to iron out.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  10. 21qz
    Hi guys and fellow mw07 owners. Based on my experience with these now for a few months there's a lot to like.
    They look great, charging case, comfort, and sound is good for being wireless. I bought these strictly for the gym.
    Though I do think they're comfortable, fit is sort of a problem. Now I cant be the only one, but when I'm at the gym I'm doing a lot of jumping, running, & fast movements.
    These babies just keep popping out. I sent a message to the M&D support team, with hopes of a solution to see if they can consider ear hooks.
    I then heard about the Powerbeats Pro. It's looking like i may need to go that route, so i hope the sound quality is at least equal to these.
  11. mdickerman
    Are the Samsung Gear IconX the only true wireless that have built-in music storage?
  12. albau
    Man, it all so ear geometry dependent. Mine for example a very soft, so hooks simply don't stay behind them. With MW07 I use large SpinFit CP-100Z and large wings. It took some tribulations to arrive at this combo but now fit is very comfortable and secure. No popping out or constant readjustment even when rope jumping. You may also try to turn buds slightly around inside you ears. There's a sweet spot where wings hook up. Concerning Powerbeats knowing their house sound and target audience, which defines SQ by the sheer amount of bass and loudness, I highly doubt they could even approach boutique sound of D&D.
  13. DannyBai
    I received the tiso today and these are just as nice as the qs1. I got both for under 40 bucks. Damn good deal. Tiso has better stage but has fatter bass and rolled off highs. Vocals are more recessed also but I really do like the sound. Possibly slightly more then the qs1. Neither one of them sit in the case to charge when using different tips. I have to take the tips off before placing them to charge.
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  14. assassin10000
    Just an FYI on battery life I've experienced on two relatively popular models.

    QCY QS1/T1C lasts about 2:50 for me.
    Charge time, approx. 1:05
    Case holds 4 full charges (and 1/2-3/4 partial). Once it dies they do power on and try and connect.

    Sabbat X12 Pro lasts 4-4:30.
    Charge time about 1:20-1:30.
    Case holds 5 full charges (and 1/4 partial). I wasn't paying attention when it fully died so unsure if they tried connecting.
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  15. chinmie
    what phone are you using it with? i got almost double for both of them (past 5 hours for the T1C and around 7 hours on the Sabbat)
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