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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. SaveTheMantaRays
    Question on the Sabbat X12...
    Does it actually seal in your ear canal like an IEM, or does it sit closely to the ear canal like the Airpods?

    I want a solid seal like the Fiio FA1 or FA7 created with their comfortable new resin designs.

    And also, it looks like there are no actual ear tips to put on the ends, is this correct?

    Thanx you
  2. srinivasvignesh

    It is more like the Airpods. Yes, there are no eartips to put on. That is correct.
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  3. SaveTheMantaRays
    Does anyone have links to the correct QCY T2C on Amazon in US?

    Or does anyone have link to the Qs1 or Qs2 in US?

    Or was someone saying the Qs1 and the T1C and maybe another product from QCY are all the same in U.S. releases?

    Thanx for the help
  4. chompchomps
    IMG_4353.jpg IMG_4352.jpg IMG_4354.jpg

    Feeling a little cheated when this came in, ordered the T1C from Ali express but the box and item shows T1 instead? Do you guys have the same problem? or does yours show T1C? Uploaded some pics as above
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  5. Slater
    I ordered the QS1 from Aliexpress.

    My white outer box looks exactly the same, but says QS1 where yours says T1.

    The bottom of my charge case, however, looks 100% identical to yours. This includes the model number, FCC ID, CMITT ID, etc.

    So I would guess that you’re OK.
  6. clerkpalmer
    Debating whether to take a flyer on the TFZ X1. Anyone have these?
  7. SuperLuigi

    From their site, your case looks like the t1c. Always sort of odd when dealing with Chinese companies.
  8. chompchomps
    ah thanks for the reassurance @Slater @SuperLuigi, needed that really. Was about to just shoot the shop a message and feel disappointed.

    Well first impressions on these are really good, well worth the money.
    Tested call quality on FaceTime and it was decent, not muffled or anything, but it is also in a quiet room. Will try it out next time on the streets.
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  9. Bob24
    Is that so??

    Maybe it was too early but initial feedback posted here to date was that things had vastly improved.
  10. Dcell7
    I just received these. Haven’t really listened to it though. Just tested the pairing and the charging. Compared to the QCY T1C they are really small. They come with 2 kinds of tips in 3 sizes each and a small usb cable.
  11. Slater
    Does anyone know how to verify that iOS is indeed using AAC? I’d like to make sure the Q1S/T1C is really using AAC.

    Is there something in settings, or some app I can install? Or do we just have to take everyone’s word for it?
  12. d3myz
    I may be mistaken, but i've read iOS only supports AAC via BT. Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music are all in AAC via BT
  13. Bob24
    It also supports SBC. Any bluetooth audio device has to support it to guarantee compatibility.
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    As far as I’m aware the only way you can verify what codec is actually used is to connect the iPhone to an Apple computer and run some system tool on it to access the technical log files on the phone. As I don’t have any Apple computers I have not tried it
  15. BigZ12
    My QCY T2C is still rocking! Have been listening to them a lot last 2 days, and I'm very pleased with BT connection (NO dropouts), sound and comfort.

    The only annoying thing is when using the lock screen volume slider on my iPhone X, the connection can drop out on the left bud or both. The same thing happens when adjusting volume with the digital crown on my Apple Watch 4G.
    Sometimes the sound gets out of phase after adjusting the volume like that.
    I need to push play/pause, or adjust the volume again (with the slider/crown) to get the sound in phase again.
    This doesn't happen when using the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone.

    Have any of you experienced this on the T1C/T2C?
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
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