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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    Thanks for the overview. Does it have volume control? I may get these since the T1C I ordered look like they are never gonna get here(been 3 weeks).
  2. Slater
    That’s actually the single Beats model I’d own. They’re not bad at all, and $104 is a very reasonable price.
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  3. Slater
    I agree on this. I received the Q1S/T1C today, and didn’t really like the stock tips. I tried some tip rolling, and long barreled tips like KZ Starlines and SpinFits did not work out so well. There was a suction effect and the sound did weird things (due to driver pressure I assume).

    I figured out that (for me anyways), a shallow insertion works best, not a deep insertion. And wide bore tips absolutely help out the sound. I have not gone through all of my wide bore tips yet, but I threw on some Auvios which sounded great and fit perfectly. Whirlwinds and a few other wide bore tips would not stay on due to the size of the nozzle.

    Overall I’m happy with these. They seem built well, are comfortable with the right tips, and sound great. The charge case is surprisingly small, and I like that the fact that it doesn’t have a lid. I have not made any phone calls yet, but I’ll try that out tomorrow.

    I also swapped out the nylon filters with stainless mesh. I’ve found that the super fine nylon filters get clogged up with gunk fairly quickly, so it was more of a preventative measure.

    BTW, does anyone know what size drivers these have? Maybe it was my eyes deceiving me, but looking down in the nozzle (which is very narrow), the driver looks ridiculously tiny. Like maybe a 5mm micro driver. I couldn’t find the official size in any QCY literature. Not that it really matters; I’m just curious that’s all.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  4. d3myz
    Do you own the QCY T1 Pro or Vogue as it's now called? I see lots of people talking about the T1/T1C, but I can't image they would sound different than the T1 Pros. These things sound incredible for the price. nice highs, clear mids, a bit underwhelming bass, but it's accurate. I use JVC spiral dots, so I know that reduced my bass and enhanced my mids and highs a bit...I just found the T1C on ebay for $10. I'm going to pick up a pair. https://www.ebay.com/itm/163616069860
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  5. Slater
    Nice find! Combine it with the $3 coupon and you got yourself a heck of a deal (PERFECT3).

    Hopefully it’s legit and not counterfeit.
  6. d3myz
    Thanks, Yea, I'm not getting my hopes up, but even if it is a scam, good o'l paypal will refund me. Thanks for the coupon.
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  7. jrm27
    okay... I'm back on the hunt! I've been using Samsung Gear Icon X (2018) since November. The left ear gave out, and Samsung had me send them in for warranty service. Then they gave me the run around for about 6 weeks and I'm now without headphones. So.... I'm on the hunt while they sort this out. Apparently, they are out of replacement stock.

    I liked about 80% of the Gear Icon X…. The fit was a little weird, even after trying all the different tips and wings. But it was passable and stayed in at the gym. The sound was somewhat thin, but it was about what I expected. Battery life was fine, the in-ear profile was great. I never got them to pair to my computer so I couldn’t load songs onto the internal storage (which was a bummer).

    In the past I’ve had the Bragi “The headphone”, which were a great introductory pair. The battery life was rough and the sound was comparable to the Samsung Gear. I really wanted the Jabra 65 to be great, but the microphone was quite bad and I got lots of complaints when making calls. So… what should I be looking for next? I’d like to stay in the $150 range, and have a low profile in the ear. I use them to talk on rather often, so mic quality is important as is overall QC. Any pointers? Thanks!
  8. LajostheHun
    OK so I had a couple of days with the Anbes 359 [spaceship] , my impressions.
    First it is AAC compatible in fact that is it's default connection type on Android checked through the developer page.
    Sound is rather amazing especially for the price [@$36.00], it easily outpaced the Anker Liberty Air,[$80.00] which I bought just a week before this. All of the main three spectrum comes across clear and with good definition. I'm not gonna tell you that it will be an "audiophile" staple, but for the money one just can't complain here. Compared to my Sennheiser HD1[originally $199] in ear, it falls short just a tad mostly the bass and treble definition, but it is very close for the fraction of the money.
    Fit is good but feels a bit weird in my ear, and looks a bit funky too. I have a rather smallish ear, with a narrow canal to boot.Naturally this will be different for most everyone.
    Battery life is rather abysmal, you can really see the tiny battery indicator next to the cell signal bars just going down pretty quick. While I never drained it fully yet, I doubt it would produce more than 3hrs, but then again most people would just store it in the charge case and they charge quickly, so all in all it shouldn't be an issue for most.
    I haven't tested for phone calls yet, so I can't say for sure, but listening for rtings.com's test files recorded with an artificial noisy environment, I'm now suspecting that there is really nothing out there that do well in any kind of noisy situation, so I don't have high hopes here, but if it is an interest here I'll report back on my finding.
    So if music listening is high priority with these on the go, I can't see anyone would go wrong with this, I'm quiet amazed what can be achieved for this kind of money these days.
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  9. chronograf86
    I wouldn't be sure about that on 100%. Bought once laptop from seller like this and spent hours on the phone till got refund. IMHO, newer buy from sellers with close to 0 number of transactions. Sorry for off topic.
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  10. actorlife
    Yep I ordered them 3 weeks ago from another seller for about the same price and still have not received them. If I don't get them by Saturday I'm getting a refund. Like I said anbes 359 is a great one.
  11. actorlife
    They are amazing for the price. AAC huh? No wonder they sound so good. If they go on sale I may buy a backup. You should try using them with Netflix/YouTube they sound amazingly clear. Glad you like them. I've had over 3 hrs with them. I'll see and test to see how long they can go until they shut off. I also ordered some foam tips to see if there is a difference.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  12. DigDub
    My current favorite tws earbuds is the Samsung Galaxy buds. At first I couldn't get a good seal with them and the buds hurt my ear antihelix. I have since removed the rubber wings, even the rubber ring without the wings. The fit is now good and no pain.

    - relatively neutral sound signature leaning towards bright.
    - long battery life. Around 6 hours.
    - strong connection, similar to the qcy t1c.
    - volume control.
    - app which allows preset EQ, useful notification function, ability to see battery life of each buds.
    - firmware upgradeable.
    - very light and doesn't protrude much from the ears.

    Not so good:
    - touch control can be hard to tap right.
    - doesn't seem to have a way to turn the buds off.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  13. nicholasbgr
    Well the last firmware update for the MTW definitely didn’t fix the battery drain. Any word from Sennheiser if they plan on releasing one or can we just consider this a lost cause?
  14. Spamateur
    Had a bit of a layover while traveling last week and tried out a couple models I had yet to hear while at the InMotion store:

    MW07: I can see why people like these. Really nice mids and bass. Somewhat romantic-sounding with a slower decay and slightly more bloom, but also sounded natural. However, the treble wasn't great. Big spike and some obvious distortion (driver breakup?) that's unfortunately far-too common in IEMs. I found it peaky and a bit bothersome in the higher registers, but I'm pretty picky about treble reproduction so YMMV. I still think my Mavin Air-X are better than these top-to-bottom. The Mavins are more neutral and cleaner in general if you prefer a less romantic sound, but the bass and mids of the MW07 are quite seductive.

    RHA TrueConnect: I spent a lot of time with these and I wasn't expecting to be impressed, but these sound pretty good. The sub-bass extension is great on the TrueConnect and gets looooowww, and imaging is better than average. They're also quiet. It wasn't the best of environments to listen but they also seemed to not have any noticeable noise floor. In general they have a very clean sound similar to the Mavins, but they're not as revealing or involving. The treble is rolled off at the very upper end so that might have something to do with it, plus they're seem to just barely smooth over instrument textures. I think the Mavins are better at most things, especially detail and imaging, and are more engaging of a listening experience. The RHA sound a bit uninvolving (though not dull) but they're a really nice listen and from what I hear the recent firmware updates (have to be applied at the factory, unfortunately) fixed a lot of the early connection issues. Also, the build quality is far superior to almost any other TW IEM that I've tried. The case and earbuds both feel solid and premium, which is my biggest complaint with the Mavins which feel plasticky and a bit cheap in direct comparison (that glossy plastic is a bummer). I also loved that the RHA came with foam Comply TrueGrip tips, as they were excellent at isolation, and fit was good despite the little microphone/antenna protrusions.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  15. webvan
    Still no reviews/manuals anywhere but a user picture has been posted on AE, they look small enough :

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