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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. sly_in_the_sky
    Yes... And sorry to say that to my ears, there’s to much bass, high medium and treble is a little bit harsh and artificial.
  2. chinmie
    try putting some wide bore tips on them. it will increase the sound dramatically.

    i have, would not recommend it. you better off with the QCY T1C or T2C
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  3. TooFrank
    Good to know. I haven’t tried all the others, but have always been very happy with the Ts-200 with my 1.0 :)
  4. BigZ12
    I put on my Spinfit CP100Z L. Very happy with that.
  5. MIBUK
  6. Slater
  7. hifi80sman
    Yes, they will initially be priced WAY too high, but they know all the Apple-Beats jobbers will skip that mortgage/school tuition payment to buy them. Later, they will be on "sale" for $299, which is the real regular price.

    In related news, I did snag a pair of Beats Studio3 for $104 at Target (clearance, 70% off). For that price, I'm actually quite happy with them.
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  8. assassin10000
    I can't seem to leave anything well enough alone. I ended up slightly modding my X12 Pro and trimming some earbud foams for them. I've got small ears and the length of the earpod shape was long enough it pressed the main body back against my antitragus a bit more than I wanted. Not quite hard enough to be a hotspot but it was noticeable after wearing them on and off all day.

    I used a flat file laid on a counter and holding the ear piece ran the opening across it, to shorten the output of the X12 Pro. I also used a flat diamond file (about 5-6mm wide) to chamfer the edges and a razor to deburr the inside lip near the screen.

    On the earbud foams I used a small set of cosmetics scissors with a slight bend to enlarge/oblong the main opening to fit the X12 Pro better and to open up a hole for the output. Same idea as using the 'donut' style foams on regular earbuds, creates a seal for better bass but doesn't reduce mids/highs.

    Over exposed the image to better show the earbud foam.

    With or without foams they fit me better now.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
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  9. Bob24
    Is Beats still such a big thing? At least here in Ireland I don’t see nearly as many as when Apple purchased it.

    What a shame they picked Beats btw. I wish the AirPod technology could go into a more “proper” brand’s product line.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  10. hifi80sman
    No, not anymore. The luster has worn off. There are so many options out there now that people are no longer defaulting to Beats. I'm sure Apple has a difficult task keeping the product lines distinct and geared towards their respective target market (young people, professionals, hipsters).
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  11. chinmie
    sweet! glad it worked out for you. i cannot use small bores on the T1C, especially the long barrelled ones like the spinfits, because moving the T1C around in my ears with them produces sound like a resonant EQ sweep. with large bores, that sound is much lessened, and also really opens up the staging and trebles
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  12. d3myz
    There is actually a newer version of the QCY T1 Pro that is BT 5.0. I absolutely love mine. I got mine at Gearbest for approx $40.
  13. d3myz
    I haven't had a chance to read through the entire thread, but any idea how the T1C compare to the T1 Pro? I absolutely love my Pro's.
  14. d3myz
    I owned the Model 3 for a couple weeks, really love the sound quality but hated the cheap BT dongle, so I returned them. I am very interested in the Model X. They seem like a similar model to these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L9PJJX1/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2KCABFGMJN44&psc=1 I am very interested to hear your impressions. Advanced is a great company that makes quality gear.
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  15. actorlife
    I have them(Amazon link ones) and really like them. SQ is fantastic. I wrote my thoughts on them about ten pages back. I highly recommend them. If you like more of a soundstage then Anbes 359. I really like both for music/movies.
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