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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. DigDub
    The what-hifi reviewer definitely did not have a good seal with his ear and the buds, which results in the typical thinness sound quality when an optimal seal is not achieved. Most other reviews have praised the Galaxy buds to have pretty good sound quality. I find them to have adequate bass, definitely not a bass monster, but certainly not thin sounding. It sounds pretty good, balanced sound. The treble very occasionally borders on sibilance, else there is probably very little to fault on the sound quality.
  2. assassin10000
    I have thin and thicker Aliexpress foams. I ended up using the thicker ones as they are more comfortable to me. They fit the case pretty nice, makes it a snug fit. So no chance of rattling around in the case.

    Here's closeup pics of the two taken from AE.



    I have some small (3-5mm) leather punches on order to make holes in my earbud foams, once those come in I'll be putting a hole at the nozzle output so it doesn't affect the sound but still provides a better seal.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  3. clerkpalmer
    A few days ago these were available from early April and now it's April 26! Major fail.
  4. chinmie
    either you live in a very serene place, or you are really pumping the volume to the music :dt880smile:

    i haven't have a single complain from my wife and kid when listening the X12 at night, so i think I'm still in the clear

    yes,, the X12 is more of a swiss army-everyday uses earbud, it may not be particularly great in certain areas, but overall it's been a worry-free kind of device. don't buy the E12 though, that thing is nothing but trouble for me.
  5. thrgk
    Do the Galaxy buds fit better for people with small ears? I'm worried the Sabbat S12 pro or the Anbes 359 might be too large and just fall out. And I need a good mic.

    Right now I'm just using my s8 and nuforce edc so not much lower I can go in SQ lol.
  6. assassin10000
    I've got smaller ears and the X12 Pro fits well. My old SE 215's were even a hair too big for my small ears and that shape is known to be one of the more comfortable iem designs. It put pressure on the antihelix of my ear.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  7. RobinFood
    I was afraid of that a little. The demo unit I tried at the store worked perfectly with AAC, but the color was different. It's not to say the demo unit was without problems though, the voice prompt was Chinese instead of English, and I couldn't get both ears to work at the same time in stereo on the demo unit at the store. Still, is AAC working on my DAP worth the extra 35$ and the hassle of returning another box? I don't think so for its SQ. The reviews on the store website seems to reflect what I thought when I listened to them.

    By the way, the Sabbat X12 Pro I got was from the Amazon reseller OKCSC and didn't really say it was a Sabbat X12 Pro in the description, but the box and documentation all had it written down...
  8. actorlife
    Get the anbes 359 never fell out of my ears. I use medium tips. My Sabbat X12 does not work on the right side and thus I can't recommend it.
  9. chinmie
    someone here pointed out to press one of the buttons 5 times. it will toggle between english and chinese. I've tried it on my unit and it works
  10. voicemaster
    My ears can fit so many iems but airpods (wireless and wired) is not one of them. They can only stay put like 5 min and start to lose the seal and end up just hanging on my ear. I don't know about cheap in-ear, but my $14 KZ zsn shits all over airpods.
  11. Slater
    Problem solved:
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  12. srinivasvignesh
    Sorry if I was not clear. I meant to say that it defaults to AAC. With developer options, I can switch it to SBC just fine, if needed.
  13. DigDub
    The Galaxy buds are quite small, in fact I need to use the small sized wing tips to make it larger. The mic is pretty good as well, the other side hears my voice clearly, not tinny like the qcy t1c.
  14. keeya
  15. RobinFood
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