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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. BobJS
    I exercise 2x a day and use the M&D MW07. More than enough battery for me, and certainly not a fair fight. I enjoy the Bose Soundsport Free when I'm lying around. I have the Jabra elite active but frankly don't use them much any more.

    On the less expensive side, I like the Mavin air-x. And to show I'm not a snob, I like the QCY T1C as well. I should really give the Anbes another chance if for no other reason than to pin down what bothers me about it.
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  2. webvan
    The X12 have an open design so have a pleasant airy sound and a bit bass light. To fix that I originally tucked them a bit sideways in my ears. That wasn't great for the highs and there was a bit of a strain.

    The fix was to use little foam covers that improve comfort and the bass response without compromising the highs. This makes them a great all rounder and by far the best TWEs for open air sports (stay aware, no thumping) and great for quiet environments.
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  3. david8613
    I always give a chance for speakers, head phones and ear buds to burn in. for me I can always tell a difference in sound from day 1 to day 5. Most of the time I find they always improve in sound quality within that break in period. and no its not my ears getting used to it to the sound, I have brought multiple pairs of the same exact headset for myself and wifey and they both sound the same when new, but mine always sound better a couple of days later due to me using them much more than wifey, after some more use wifes headset catches up to mine in sound quality and sounds as good as mine.

    I cancelled my order for the anbes, I have some sennheiser on the way to me, and wanted to focus on those to compare with my other true wireless.
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  4. voicemaster
    Just got my galaxy buds yesterday and have been using it for about 5 hours so far. At first, the treble is kind of piercing which is normal for Dynamic Driver. After about 2-3 hours of music playing, the treble has settled to non piercing at all. Also, it is noticeable if you turn on the EQ option on the app. I am using the "clear" setting as I find it pretty balance. Without EQ, it sounds kinda similar to QCY T1 (I have 2 of these which I love). Connection is good, ambiance mode is pretty much useless (wish its ambiance mode is like my Sony MDR1000X). Call quality is fine, but I only used it in my bedroom so not much noise going on.
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  5. howdy
    Talk to sennheiser and they said that the new update is for iOS only and that Android would be in the "future" wonder how long that woukd be.
  6. clerkpalmer
    That's amusing since mine won't update on Ios. I guess I need to call them.
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  7. howdy
    I'm going to try right now with my ipod touch.

    Well, Sennheiser Apps Suck!
    It took 10 times to connect to ipod and now literally playing music and it won't connect to the App after manually trying at least 50 times.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  8. mikp
    Found another set that should have qcc5100 series, libratone
  9. webvan
    Nice find with a lot of details on the ANC and they've tried a pre-version, here are some bits and pieces :
    • Active noise reduction, four levels adjustable, up to 30dB noise reduction
    • Libratone CEO Liu Wei told Geek Park that in the low frequency region (the main noise reduction area of the active noise canceling headphones), TRACK Air+'s active noise reduction can be reduced by 25dB, plus the passive sound insulation effect brought by the in-ear design (can be reduced by 5 6 dB), a total of 30dB of noise reduction can be achieved.
    • When the active noise reduction function is turned on, it is obvious that the surrounding is suddenly "quiet". This is the first time we have experienced this feeling on a true wireless headset, which is far stronger than the previous Sony's launch of the noise reduction label. WF-1000X (noise reduction beans). However, since it is not the official version, and there is not much low frequency noise around the experience, we can't give specific judgment on the noise reduction performance of Libratone TRACK Air+.
    I'm surprised that it's only rated at 5 hours though ? Battery size or the cost of the ANC ? 5 hours is still quite decent and better than most current models, except the Realtek based models like the X12 Pro.

    The good news is that they will apparently be available in mid-april in China at a price equivalent to €222.
  10. Bob24
    These could tick quite a few boxes for me. Strange I can’t find anything about them in English though ... I admit I am confused, are we talking about the actual Libratone brand some some knock offs?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  11. david8613
    Got my sennheiser mtw today. The buds are huge compared to my galaxy buds. The included ear tips did not work for me, and it sounded terrible. Bass was nothing, treble was horrible, volume was also very low. they actually sounded like a very cheap set of ear buds. So I went into my trusty bag of extra ear tips and found a pair that helped me get that all important seal, and voila treble cleaned up, bass kicked in nice and thick, volume went up too. Still testing and messing with EQ that looks cool but its wierd. Anyone like to share pics of there eq settings? I was listen to dj miss monique on you tube, and it sounded great, but when I was listening to post malone on spotify and it did not sound too good. Control work great for me! I guess I got lucky. Case is very nice too, I like the cloth covering less slippery than galaxy buds and jabra cases. Very light too, in pics it looks way big and heavy, its not.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  12. Cosmosan
  13. sly_in_the_sky
    Hello guys, I love TW and don’t see myself going back to wired setup for on the go music but I found this on a Head-fi group on Facebook:



    Thinking that BT bad frequencies going directly in the head is something that beginns to worry me... Because I listen to TW several ours per day... immagine the effect after years... We already know that taking a call and speaking in a phone is not better but when you do, you don’t expose yourself staying 4 hours per day, 7 days per week like some of us do while listening to music with TW...

    What do you think about that?

    Is it the cable lobbys that are trying to strike?....:)
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  14. mikp
    It was the only article with some info I could find on the 5100. Strange since its over a year since it was "launched" by qualcomm. I have seen 9 hours quoted, with 40% less with anc on in another article I cant find now.
    So the 5 hours have to be with anc on, else the battery life will be very short.

    Also they have removed the stereo plus+ feature, but have not seen any evidence that the feature is working. The phone manufacturer has to implement a qualcomm code that is not released to make it work.
    Also no mention of apt-x hd
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  15. Slater
    This is nothing new.

    They’ve been reporting this since WiFi 1st came out decades ago, and then again when Bluetooth came out (both 2.4Ghz; the exact same frequency as a microwave oven). And when pagers came out. Then cell phones. Then smart phones. Now 5G is the big ooga booga boogeyman.

    The point is that we as a civilization are bombarded with EM radiation every day. Whether it’s your Bluetooth buds, WiFi in Starbucks, the Bluetooth in your car, the cell phone towers covering every square mile, RFID scanners in every store and elsewhere, AM/FM radio stations, TV stations, dental X-rays, CT scans, satellite TV, GPS, solar radiation, your Apple watch, Alexa/Echo speakers, wireless video cameras, wireless security system, etc.

    I’m not saying that none of these things aren’t bad for you; they are. But good luck trying to get away from it all. In the grand scheme of things, Bluetooth is extremely low power, and your cell phone puts out hundreds (or thousands) of times more radiation, especially when roaming.

    I guess you could always walk around with a faraday cage wrapped around yourself. I’ve thought about it, believe me.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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