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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. clerkpalmer
    Looks like the Creative Air have potential - although they are $100 not $37. I started to buy them and then stopped because I currently have 4 TW earbuds in my rotation and I figured I would wait for more reviews. I'd love to take a flier on these chi-fi units just for fun but I feel like they'll never unseat the big boys. I've become fond of the Audio Technica sports even though are are probably $50 overpriced. Fun sound, excellent fit and easy to connect/use. I might hold out for those garish Klipsch and a sharpie to cover the gold...
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  2. howdy
    Its My Lgv20 but I do have a ipod touch I could try. My LGV20 is my main source until I (think) buy the new Fiio M11 as a all around source.
  3. clerkpalmer
    Still not updating over iOS for me.
  4. actorlife
    Just buy them spaceship and you'll see. :beerchug:
  5. chinmie
    have you received your qcy yet?
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  6. albau
    Agreed fully. This thread now is in a prolonged fit of a chi-fi love, so out of curiosity I’ve got myself some famed qcy t1. Soundwise they’re indeed more or less in 65t class (more air, less meat). Not even remotely close to mw07 or e8 or, I suspect, mtw. Rest of the package is decidedly under $50 class - cheap and light plastic, no volume control, no auto pause, bulky case with no lid. But for $25 they are awesome, I guess. Btw, on my S9+ they play aac according to developer options.
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  7. indigo
    Have you tried unpairing it by “forgetting “ them? I am also on android but updated with ios.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  8. hifi80sman
    I find myself buying Chi-Fi units out of curiosity (and trying to hit a jackpot) to see if some at least use AAC and sound like magic. Most of the sellers indicate these random Chi-Fi units support AAC, but alas, most are just SBC and the sellers are just full of sheet.

    The Creatives look interesting, so I may pull the trigger, but I'm not really sure what niche they'll fit. People around me a are beginning to think I'm like a dope fiend.
  9. hifi80sman
    I'm sure he tried that 19 attempts ago. :L3000:
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  10. Slater
    QCY QS2 supports AAC. Since people seem to be bonkers over the QS1, why not give the QS2 a try?
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  11. david8613
    I order that anbes model we will see, I have used a lot true wireless over the years. I will tell you if they sound good or not, I hope its a sleeper hit! I like those kinds of gems. guys I wanted to say I was comparing my Jabra 65t and Samsung galaxy buds yesterday and I am beginning to think the galaxy buds are much better than people want to admit, the online reviews are not giving them justice, I think they sound, smoother cleaner and go deeper in bass, mids are good and treble is a lot better more natural overall, less processed to my ears than the 65t active! I have to do more critical listening. they are definitely a lot more comfortable, lighter in ear and the controls just work better too. I don't understand way the reviews are not so good for the galaxy buds.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  12. BigZ12
    It's amazing how much an eartip can change the sound and experience of an in-ear headset. I'm glad I'm such a "nerd" that I don't just use the standard included tips...
    Have tested a lot of different tips on my B&O E8 2.0.
    Comply Ts-200 Medium/Large, T-200 M/L, Symbio by MandarinEs M/L, Spinfit CP-100 M/L and Spinfit CP-100Z L. (and of course briefly tried the default silicon tips that's included)
    The best fit is the Spinfit CP-100Z L for me, very comfortable, with good seal and tight punchy bass. BUT the highs are a bit too sharp. The "s-sounds" are too sharp, especially on female vocals. Sadly :frowning2:
    So after intense testing :) my choice fell on the Ts-200 Mediums. (The large ones pushed the buds too far out of the ear, and did not fit in the charging case). Good seal, good bass and the highs are warmer than with the Spinfits.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  13. vladzakhar
    The only annoying thing, when I had B&O E8s was that half second disconnection on the left bud. Did they fix it with E8 2.0s?
  14. 05stisilver
    They are much better than the Jabra 65t I posted that a couple of times earlier. They are a solid set. They almost sound as good as my Mavin's but neither is nearly as good SQ wise as the Senn's and I would assume the MW07. The Senn's had to many issue's for a 300 set so I returned them.
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  15. BigZ12
    No dropouts on the left bud alone on mine.
    I have (as I've stated before) more dropouts (on both) walking around my apartment compared to the Senn' MTW. Guess that's because of the BT4.2 vs BT5.0?
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