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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hector.howse
    It may be down to luck a bit (I seem to remember something about earlier units being dodgy) but I wasn't happy with the connection quality of the pair I bought. They would cut out in one ear pretty frequently (only for a fraction of a second but it was still annoying). My mum (who I bought them for) has pretty low standards for tech so she doesn't mind but if they were mine I would have returned them. SQ-wise they were fine but not very engaging, slightly muffled perhaps. Tbh I last used them at Christmas so it's been a while. The mic is okay in quiet environments but doesn't work at all when there's a lot of background noise (but that's to be expected with TWEs at this point in time).

    I posted a review of the Mifo o5 a few posts back which is the only other pair I have experience with to comment on and something I would personally recommend over the RHAs.
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  2. srinivasvignesh
    My RHA has similar small cutouts and I had actually initiated an exchange with RHA (who were ready to give very good support, BTW), but my wife found that acceptable and she is using it to her satisfaction. Bingo on the mic experience as well...

    I want to reiterate what I told earlier ITT about the mic quality on the Sabbat X12. It is really good. Much better than the other bluetooth devices I have used, RHA, Bose Quiet Control, Klipsch R6 bluetooth, Jabra Halo smart, VAVA moov, Byron BT. The Sabbat is usable in noisy environments where none of the other products could be used at all. I have used the Sabbats dozens of times in very loud environments and I did not receive any complaint from the other end of the call.
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  3. Bartig
  4. actorlife
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2019
  5. Bob24
    Thanks, excellent feedback. Since you’ve had both, can I also ask which one you found better in terms of isolation (I would
    use them on busy streets and sometimes on short flights).
  6. assassin10000
    Have you tried fitting some earbud foams to the Sabbat X12 pro? I had earpod/airpod shaped earbuds and they were lacking bass until I slipped a foam cover over them.

    Also, ordered some QCY QS1/T1C buds to try since the praise seems to be steadily positive.
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  7. webvan
    Yes the little foams help a lot, more than the silicon AirPod sleeves. They also give more than 5 hours, more like 7 and with their "permanent transparency" mode they qualify in my book as the best outdoor sports TWs. Their mic is great too and they can work in mono left/right.
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  8. chinmie
    just want to make sure: can this connect to two devices at once? so far the only TWS that i had that can do this is only the Jabra (and Bose that I've heard)
  9. actorlife
    I'm not sure, but I don't think so. These connect so fast then any other I have. Maybe you can ask on the Amazon question page. I only connect to one device on at a time and they connect together super fast. For the price and features you can't beat it. Thus far no disconnection at all when using them.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  10. mattwardfh
    I didn’t compare them directly, but I think they’re pretty close. Neither is as isolating as traditional IEM designs; both more isolating than AirPods. Both provided some isolation without music playing, and outside noise didn’t bother me much with music. Probably depends mostly on how well each fits your ears. Probably not a factor to influence your decision—although the Sennheiser’s ambient mode does give some flexibility, which is nice.
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  11. Nocturnal310
    jabra elites are $152 on amazon now and active version is $159.

    i doubt i will be worrying about sennheiser momentums anytime soon as at double the price, i highly doubt sound quality is that much better.
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  12. clerkpalmer
    It absolutely is that much better. Whether it’s worth 2x the cost is up to you but there is no comparison sq wise. Elites are average at best.
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  13. Bartig
    All I know is from very, very short testing, is that de QCY QS1 absolutely kills the cheapest Jabra too. For 20 dollar. Man - I love it so much. Mostly listening to it for commuting, but having it in relaxed on the couch now and it's so, so good on iPhone. The tonality is just spot on, the bass is nice and there's such a sweet amount of detail. Incredible for this price.
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  14. marflao
    Regarding the QCY T1C: does anybody know which/if any Comply tips fit on them?
    On the Comply site there is only the QY11 model mentioned which can be paired with the 500s tips. Not sure though if those tips will also fit on the T1C.
  15. Tommy C
    Are these the ones with the semi-open charging case? Have seen them before, not sure about the sound but the case looks like a half baked product and not really practical.
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