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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    Thanks for your insight. OK I'll give it some thought. I'm sure I'll get them. Dang. After I did the mod I like my 58x more. I also put a hole in the mesh to get better highs.
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  2. actorlife
  3. Churchill Wu
    Would it be worthwhile to get the e8 2.0 when I have the mw07? I like the mw07 but e8 2.0 has better features (app, EQ, transparency mode), better battery life and a better case. Is the sound quality much different? If the mw07 sounds a lot better then I would just keep them. Appreciate anyone who has tried both to shed some light on which is better, thanks!
  4. firewatersun
    It seems like there is some variation between e8s in terms of SQ. Some users have mentioned differences between older e8 models and newer.

    I had an e8 which I'm not sure what the model manufacture date was, but the MW07 blew that out of the water SQ-wise. I'm not sure what the newer e8s are like.

    I will say the low battery is really annoying on the MW07, but all the other pros significantly outweigh that con, at least for me.
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  5. albau
    Ditto here. I had E8 and never could get a good fit with them. Also touch controls were really annoying to me, especially gesture misinterpretation and sporadic action delays. To my tastes E8 also stick too much out of the ears. But they look good, great battery life, especially compared to E8, firmware updates, EQ, transparency, magnetic case - you know, all the goodies that MW07 sorely miss. Sq-wise E8 were nice - balanced, clean and clear signature. But MW07 are on another level, especially in soundstage, bass impact and overall sound engagement and music impact. Which sealed the deal for me despite their woefull battery, scratch prone and heavy case and general lack of common features. Call quality I'd say is more or less same between the two, which is to say they don't hold a candle to 65t.
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  6. nc8000 Contributor
    If the E8 didn’t have the frequent short left channel drop outs I would have been happy enough staying with it but I like the M2 so much better except for the slightly too short battery life
  7. howdy
    I have both the E8 v1 and the MW07, the MW07 is by FAR better than E8. I like my E8 but in terms of SQ the Senns and MW07 are the best even with the slightly shorter battery life.
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  8. BigZ12
    Haven't had one dropout on my E8 2.0 with normal use. (Just when standing next to the EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) at the grocery store).
    In my 60m2 apartment, the BT5.0 range with the MTWs was a little bit better than the BT4.2 on the E8. The MTWs worked in all rooms with no droputs, but the E8s have some dropouts when in the bathroom. (maybe because of the floor heating?)
    But with the phone close by, or in my pocket I've never had a dropout the first week I've used it.
  9. Nocturnal310
    so i got the jabra 65t elites.
    I ve been listening to them a lot and overall impressed with how far bluetooth technology has come.
    - its a really liberating feeling to have truly wireless earphones....i simply forgot i had them on and lack of microphonics and cable tugging at your ear is a great feeling and i no longer have to worry about cable untangling business.

    some first impressions:
    - sound quality has come a long way from when i tried bluetooth headphones nearly 6-7 years ago, there was no audio lag, no drop in connection.
    - rich full sound and quite good stereo separation... 'energize' setting on jabra app EQ gives a nice U shape bright and bassy sound. the clarity of midrange and detail/separation of bass is definitely not even close to my westone 30's though. the overall quality is as good as quality dynamic driver IEMs.
    - the case is really smaller and lighter than i imagined and although i wish they had 'magnets' to clasp them in, they relatively slide into the molds easily.
    - the hearthrough feature is very effective as i could listen to train operator instructions while commuting. just double tap right earphone to activate it.
    - the passive sound blocking is quite better than i expected.
    -they are very comfortable and have low profile, they are so comfortable i fell asleep with them on.
    - the call quality was exceptional...people could hear me talk clearly even while i was walking on a noisy street.
    - they are probably the best looking earphones on the market imo as they dont look clownish like airpods or like tribal earrings popping out.
    - they connect flawless with 2 devices..i can easily switch from listening to video on youtube to a call on my phone.

    some concerns:
    - I have an idea about how sennheiser momentum must sound much better but not sure its worth spending nearly $300 on as for me? these are mainly for commute use and not active listening.
    - the quality of ear gels is not even close to quality i am used too on comply tips or westone grey tips or shure olives etc. they are thin and flimsy even though they give a good seal.

    some questions:
    - any alternate eartips that fit on them?
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  10. Morbeas
    As a recent 65t owner, I'm on the same boat here. They're incredibly uncomfortable, to the point where I'm considering returning them.

    Let me know if you find anything that makes them more tolerable, fit wise.
  11. actorlife
    Got a good deal on them. Ordered. Thanks for pointing them out to me, bartig. I think I'm good on wireless buds with volume control and 5.0 BT. Compared savings to those Sennheiser Wireless that are $300.00 (yikes) I think I did good at less than $100 on 3 different pairs.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  12. carloshacecosas
    Bought my first pair of true wireless headphones last week, the QCY T1C, and soundwise I'm loving them. I used them all weekend in a trip and they sound quite well for their price. Only problem is sometimes I experience a highs roll-of every two minutes or so (at least with the iPhone XR I'm using them with), so I think there's a problem with the bluetooth...

    Anyway, also bought the Sabbat X12 Pro (rebranded as Waza) on Amazon for 29€, and they arrive on Saturday. I'll test them both and keep the one I like best.
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  13. chrisbriton
    Is it possible or likely that M&D could introduce an app for the MW07’s with Eq options?
  14. firewatersun
    It would just be a global EQ, so any usual EQ app would work. The headphones themselves simply have the receiver sensors and drivers, there's not much tech in them afaik
  15. clerkpalmer
    So I won my paypal dispute with wretched jabra customer service. Is there a consensus on the best Chi-fi option? Is the x12 pro the best of the bunch? Anyone try the tfz x1?
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