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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. webvan
    #2 - seriously? :wink: The X12 has been singled out repeatedly in this thread as one of the rare TWEs with no isolation due to its earbud design.

    The SQ is very pleasant with a balanced response across the spectrum. They might lack a bit of transparency but for mobile use that's fine.

    I wanted them quickly before a trip so I got them on Amazon under the Lezii name. I'd spotted them on AE for around 40$ in December.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  2. hifi80sman
    The MTW are exciting and you sound like you're in a club. The 65t are "solid" and sound "good", but not exciting. The EQ on the 65t is also mild and doesn't affect the sound as much as the MTW EQ.

    Phone calls are way better on the 65t, however.

    Isolation is about the same.

    MTW is more comfortable for me and seems to fit most people well.

    Trance/EDM? Dude, MTW all the way.

    MTW are IPX4, so light rain should be perfectly fine. Here's Jabra's blog on IP ratings.

    Just make sure you realize the MTW currently has a case/battery drain issue, so if you leave them unplugged for a few days, they'll die on you. If you use them everyday and plug them in at night, you'll be fine. Firmware update should be out before the end of March, per Sennheiser Customer Support.
  3. srinivasvignesh
    I would say that there is barely any isolation on the X12. There are multiple vendors on Ali starting from $40 range.
  4. Bartig
    The sound quality is good. The bass is quite tight, there's plenty of detail 'around you' (without having a massive soundstage). It's a bit dark sounding due to rolled off highs, but that makes them all the more pleasant to listen to for longer times.

    Because it has an earbud design, wind does get in when walking or biking, so it's less favorable for commuting than the QCY QS1. Overall, that TWE sounds more detailed and more balanced, but both are a great listen.

    Because of the lack of isolation, the X12 Pro sounds way better without noise around you.

    See text above. :)

    And yes, I love this classic Lego set. :D
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  5. chinmie
    i put on the X12 in the morning and took off one while the postman came. after a while, i completely forgot i still had one left in my ear. now that is the sign of how comfortable the X12 to me
  6. srinivasvignesh
    Absolutely have to agree with this.
  7. chinmie

    first try spray paint it with rubber coating paint. i accidentally ripped a bit too much on the LED, but i gotta say i love how it looks
  8. RobinFood
    Mad Lad right here!

    What was the reasoning behind the painting? Does the silver look tacky in real life? It looks like it could in the pictures...
  9. chinmie
    because my son says "it's too blingy for you, dad" , and i got some of that rubber paint spray lying around :dt880smile:

    the nice thing about it is i can just peel it off when i got bored with it
  10. Nailzs
    I've found the buds will drain if they're close to a high EMF source. I put mine next to my weather station on my desk and found one ear bud was at 44% and another time at 87%. I started leaving them on the couch and no problem since.
    Tossing the case on the couch causes the case light to flash orange when the button is pressed indicating the buds are being charged even though I took them out, started the app and both were showing 100%. Strange...
  11. actorlife
    Thanks so they are treble shy? I might pass on them I love clarity. I'm using them for music and Netflix/youtube. If not any suggestions? Perhaps close to the SQ to the HD58X since I see you own them then I'll get them. If not anything with good treble/bass with volume control under $45? would be great. Thanks.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  12. Jmask5
    I have the westone 3 as my daily driver for portable. Would the MTW be worse? Better? How do these stack up to even the ie80s?
  13. howdy
    Now that I finally have a great seal with the MW07 I can't put them down. I havn't listen to any other TW (except at the gym). The MW07 are absolutely beautiful sounding even at low volume.
    Bartig likes this.
  14. Bartig
    They don't have the most clarity, but neither does the HD58X. In fact, I just swapped them back and forth and they kind of have the same warm signature. The Senn wins on detail, the Sabbat has more emphasis on highs without getting anywhere near tiresome, and both have an intimate soundstage. The bass is actually more uplifting on the Sabbat. I think you'll love them.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
    actorlife likes this.
  15. Edward Ng
    Way too true; so far, I am finding them better sounding at lower volume than at high volume. I have no issues getting a good seal with them with the tips I am using.

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