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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. howdy
    They are on fairly snug, I don't think they would fall off at all.
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  2. RobinFood
    I had my first TWE scare. I dropped a bud on the floor and it rolled into oblivion. I spent 5 minutes looking for it hoping to not accidentally step on it. I can see this becoming an issue...
  3. turbobb
    So I've had this happen, and let's just say all you MW07 owners need to be super careful as acetate is not as strong as ABS or other types of plastic. My left earbud now has a hairline fracture from the drop. Reached out to M&D in the hopes it can be repaired but they mentioned that repair isn't possible with MW07's and the only way is to purchase a replacement bud.
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  4. clerkpalmer
    Sorry man. That sucks. I can’t see the mw07 doing well on a fall to a hard surface. That cover is pretty thin. Probably best to live with the crack unless it’s affecting performance.
  5. sly_in_the_sky
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  6. wind016
    Does anyone know if Sabbat, Raycon, and Lezii are rebrands of each other?
  7. RobinFood
    Does the Sabbat X12 have annoying buzzing noises when you pause the music sometimes? I thought it wouldn't bother me, but it is quite annoying sometimes depending on the buzz and how long I have to keep the music on pause. I am starting to see the appeal of the Audio Technica true wireless, even if it is huge, it is supposed to be keeping those things separate to avoid beeps and boops.
  8. chinmie
    i have two X12, haven't experienced what you've described on both of them
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  9. webvan
    No buzzing either, can't even say I've paid attention to the noise floor so that's a good sign :wink: Now that I've put some little "sponge covers" on them they're even better ! I did order the Airpod silicone covers on AE after they got some good feedback here.
  10. RobinFood
    The weird thing about the noise floor is that when it first connects it is clean, just a slight hiss that is almost unnoticeable. The problem is really when I pause it, sometimes it is clean, sometimes I hear a buzzing, and have to start and stop it again to hope it doesn't pause on a buzz...maybe it is defective? I think I will ask the seller if this is normal on the model. The real issue is that sometimes I pause it for a few minutes and have a conversation, just pulling one earbud out.
  11. Edward Ng
    Ah well I finally gave in to the desire and ordered a pair of MW07; I’ll either sell the pair I don’t keep between the MTW and the MW07 if definitely prefer one over the other, or I’ll keep one pair synced to the phone and the other pair synced to my watch, if I end up undecided on which one I like better. They should arrive on Tuesday in my office if all goes well (first time having something sent to my office instead of my house).

    Is it fair to say that the nozzles are wider than MTW’s? Are they closer in size to the nozzles on the 1More Triple Drivers? Hoping I won’t need to stock up on yet another size of tips to play with.

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  12. chinmie
    mind if you post the picture of that sponge covers? i use my older X12 with that airpod silicones, it increase the midbass slightly. i kinda like it when using it outside. at home i prefer the sound without the silicones

    hmmm... might be the player app? i only listens to TWS with spotify on my phone.. what app or device (or file types) that you use? just in case i can replicate your setup
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  13. RobinFood
    I am streaming from my Shanling M0 in APTX, but I have tried with AAC and SBC. I get the same issue on my budget phone with youtube, which is where I first noticed the issue, as I think it was feeding me no sound instead of recorded silence for quiet bits in the video.

    I have no issue with my other bluetooth (Trond adapter hooked to my speakers or AKG C50BT)
  14. turbobb
    @clerkpalmer - yeah living with it for now but do have accident protection I purchased just for this that I'll likely invoke at some point if that crack gets worse.

    On a different but related topic, while I like the design/finish on the M&D pouch it's just a tad small and can't close completely thus allowing in gunk/dust etc. which is the last thing that super polished case needs...

    I had an old Phiaton case lying around and am now using that instead as it's just slightly larger and completely encloses the case offering slightly better protection. Not crazy about the finish (suede-like feeling) but it does the job well:
    DSC00779.JPG DSC00780.JPG DSC00781.JPG
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  15. Dellsson
    That's actually quite wierd. The pouch is same for me and everytime I see it I wonder how they could fail with that. Looks like an old vagina
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