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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. robm321
    I have to agree with all the sentiments regarding the MW07. Its very enjoyable but the call quality is terrible. That's the only reason that I'm thinking of returning them.
  2. Rickyearl
    I agree with this 100%.

    MTW are definitely more sibilant than MW07, but I'd say isolation on the MTW is better. At least for me, I can wear the MW07 using the wings as support, so the tips don't have to wedge so tightly against my ear canal like the MTW and most IEMs. So the resulting relative lack of isolation is a good thing.

    But man, the battery life on the MW07 suuuuucks. On the plus side, though, they charge at least as fast as the MTW, the case charges a lot faster, and they have none of that "draining at a constant rate even when not in use" issue, so I find myself charging the MW07 case a whole lot less often.
  3. Edward Ng
    Would you agree to other comments that the bass extension is as deep as the MTW? I.e. the response curve doesn’t taper off until as far down the spectrum as MTW? That’s where I am primarily disappointed in my Westones.

  4. clerkpalmer
    I find the bass on the MTW boomy. The bass in the MW07 is more natural; less bloated. I do not believe anyone would complain about the bass quantity or quality in the MW07 unless you are an absolute bass head. I have some brainwavz iems and the bass sucks on them. MW07 blows them away.
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  5. Edward Ng
    Your point about the boominess/quality is well-noted; my question is: does it reach as deep? From a technical standpoint, let’s say the Westone4 doesn’t put out anything below 15hz at all, but everything from 15hz and up is cleaner than the MTW, but the MTW is reaching down to 8Hz, so I’m literally missing part of the music entirely with the cleaner sounding Westones in comparison. Do the MW07s reach down as low? I totally get that what bass that is there is cleaner and faster; it’s the extension I want to know about.

  6. clerkpalmer
    I may not have the most discerning ear. Too many heavy metal concerts. My guess is the MTW goes lower than the MW07. It’s not something I’ve focused on because both headsets have excellent bass.
  7. SomeGuyDude
    Agreed all around. MTW bass is boomier than the MW07, as is befitting the Momentum name (they're all kinda like that). MW07 goes deep as all hell and gives a "full" feeling on all music. Even as someone who loves his bass I found the MW07 more than adequate.
  8. turbobb
    @Edward Ng - Though I don't have the MTW, going to throw in my 2 cents on the MW07 - totally agree with others that the bass is very nice and clean and extremely articulate and impactful without being boomy (it doesn't color the mid's). Personally I feel it reaches low enough in the sub's but of course we all hear differently. If you can suggest a track you're concerned with missing the sub's on we might be able to weigh in (give the time and what you expect to hear in the track).

    For all the other MW07 owners, have you had a bug where all of a sudden the bass is completely gone? I had this happen randomly (won't even begin to know how to reproduce the issue) and the only way to rectify it was by "resetting" it in the case, after which the bass was restored.
  9. mikp
    im currently using these ali specials on the mavin and 65t. Will be trying spinfits soon.

    Foam works for me on the 65t, but find it fiddly on tws without ambient function. Too bad the mandarine does not have any "give" when finally put on the mavins.
  10. webvan
    I have these too, aka as Anjirui's but how do you fit them on the 65t? Let alone their case?
  11. mikp
    cut off the inner tube on one of the tiny excuse of tips for the 65t. Then put the tube on the 65t. Then it should fit the "t400" and hold it in place. Squeeze the foams all the way down on the 65t.

    It is a little tight fit in the case, but after 2-3 times the lid does click in place. No such issues on the mavin luckily.
  12. Edward Ng
    It’s no reference track, but the first time I noticed the difference between my Westone4 and MTW was right from the start of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, where the bass drum has absolutely zero impact and barely any presence on my Westone4s, but not only do I hear it, but I feel it, with the MTWs. Even my 1More Triple Driver LTNGs hit with the bass drum there with meaningful impact. This is where I lost faith in my Westones. And since it’s right at the start of the track, you wouldn’t have to skip around in a song to find it for testing.

  13. wind016
    I just put an order for Sabbat E12 and TFZ X1. Hopefully, they do what I want. Is there a truly wireless headphone with the sound sig of KZ ZSRs? Something with impactful bass, detailed and non-congested uppermids, and forgiving with streamed music?
  14. chinmie
    if the TFZ X1 is based on the Mifo o5 pro version, i personally think the Mifo Standard version is a much fuller sounding product. the pro version (BA driver) is really limited on the bass and treble extension
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  15. hifi80sman
    In my opinion, the MW07 does reach deeper than the MTW.
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