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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. howdy
    That sucks! Hopefully you can exchange it out quickly.
    I've been jammin with the MW07 lately and havn't given much time to the Senns.
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  2. RobinFood
    I am connecting with APTX - I did notice the sound is quite a bit less crisp on SBC. I am absolutely addicted to the sound still today. There is no noticeable lag watching shows on my phone on VLC android.
    There is a super light hissing while waiting to play songs though, gets worst on SBC. My tinnitus is louder though...so I don't really notice it. I noticed in a sound check that you could hear faint beeps and boops on the channel that wasn't playing music. Haven't noticed it on anything else.

    No real connection issues since I got back from downtown. I got my fingers crossed they will be stable for the next trip I take downtown, I really don't want to return them!
  3. clerkpalmer
    Well, my MTW have been struck with the dreaded battery drain. Opened them yesterday after not using for a week. Case was drained. Right bud turned on manually. Left bud wouldn't turn on at all. Hmmm, any ideas? Is this part of the firmware fix?
  4. Tommy C
  5. clerkpalmer
    Fully charged over night. Right 100 percent. Left 88 percent. Charging case flashing yellow not green after all night. Grrrrrrrr. Not happy. MW07 display none of this behavior.
  6. BobJS
    Their literature says it is basically the same as active elite with improved microphone.
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  7. SomeGuyDude
    AFAIK the Evolve exists solely for the corporate world. The whole 65t line is the same headphone with different bells and whistles. The Elite is the normal one, Active is more robust for sports, Evolve with extra mic capabilities for businesses.
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  8. rahmeleon
    But should the mics in the Active 65t still sound clear in an outdoor environment? With the pair I've had for about a week, I can't take a call with them if I am not in a quite environment. Any kind of noise and other person says they can't hear me at all.
  9. webvan
    The 65Ts have the best call quality but their are limits to what they can handle of course. Try recording voice messages to see if there's anything odd.

    Good to hear aptX helps and they may have little in common with the Romeos other than their shell and battery charger.
  10. clerkpalmer
    My MTW are junk. Turned on and connected to my phone while in the case today. I can’t turn them off. Case is dead despite having a full charge yesterday. This is My second pair with the same problems.

    Does anyone have a US warranty number...

    Of course I’m out of my return period by a week.
  11. Rickyearl
    Probably won't help but did you try the full 30+ second reset? I did that and it helped a lot with the "won't turn off when charging" issue.
  12. Luchyres
    I just received the Sabbat E12:

    A) Incredibly comfortable - and I quite like the case/size.

    B) Overall like the fit and finish.

    C) Sound is good - not blowing my mind - but I like it.

    Two issues:

    1) I thought it was the seal, but no matter how much I play with tips and re-seating it still sounds like the balance is off and leaning leftward. This is particularly noticeable with the bass - it just seems way less full/present on the right bud. Anyone else experience this with the X12 or E12?

    2) I can hear a slight buzzing/mechanical sound with the "follower" bud - reminds me a bit of what I could hear with the Earin M-2 at loud volumes - whichever bud was the follower would have a slight buzzing that I've started to assume is the NFMI mechanism?

    Honestly, if it weren't for issue 1, I would probably keep them. But I think I have to return them for the combo of 1 and 2 above.
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  13. bronco1015
  14. Rickyearl
    Totally agree.
  15. webvan
    No balance problems with my X12, possibly a bit with the voice prompts at times but that's it. Can't say I've noticed any buzzing either and yes the sound is good, especially for "open" earbuds, but not as good as the Sony WF1000-x. It's fine when you're on the move, or even at home for casual listening.

    X12 have a "no artifacts" transparency mode active 100% of the time and other than for commuting or in a plane that's perfect IMHO. Espc
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