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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. kiwikozo
    I tried that app when I had the RHAs but it was very glitchy and crashed on my S8+.

    That's not too much of an issue if they give me 2.5 hours of battery life without intrusive warnings. Would be nice if they fix this issue on the s10 next month.

    I will still listen to them but the fit is not good for me and the case is gaaah. I'd take a thin cheap plastic case over a mirrored finish case any day.
  2. assassin10000
    I disabled all the notifications and only open the app to check battery life. I noticed the notifications don't always update. Of course my BT20's get 6-7 hours typically, so I don't need to check often.
  3. Tommy C
    Yes, definitely.

    You can demo them and the MW07 while you’re at it. :)
  4. nicholasbgr
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  5. Tommy C
    No problem!
    If you haven’t been there it’s the lower level for headphones and you can demo almost everything.
    If they don’t have a demo they will open a new box for you.
    The building is being completely renovated so it looks like the store is closed but it’s not, they open regular hours.
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  6. chinmie
    the BatON is a good app. also on my Note 8 (that i haven't installed the BatON yet), everytime i turn on my TWS and connect to my phone, there is a notification saying "100% battery remaining", and if say i use it for a few hours and then toggle the bluetooth off and then on again, it will say the percentage of the battery remaining.

    so my conclusion is that the android system is capable of doing it without any additional app like the BatON

    but for the life of me i can't call that notification at will unless i toggle the bluetooth off and on again. does anybody know how to turn it on everytime we like?
  7. turbobb
    @hifi80sman - I'll c ur Comexion and raise you a CUFOK: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MFHJ6MX - The only reason I got these aside from the IPX7 is the seller claimed it had Airoha AB1526P with AAC but upon receiving it, I'm not able to connect in AAC. In hind-sight, it's nearly identical to the Comexion aside from the better WR rating and the charging case that can also act as a portable USB charger.

    Sadly it was the same story with this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L9P6CLQ (no AAC either despite seller claims). Really wish these guys would get a grip on their product specs. I wonder if somehow they didn't enable it (I don't see why they wouldn't given it's a selling point) or if perhaps there may be a bait-n-switch with the OEM's promising the 1526B but utilizing a cheaper chipset instead. The connection isn't great with this one; a simple test I always do right after getting a TWE is to just cup my hands over each one while worn to see if the signal cuts out between them. If it does, it's USUALLY (though not always) a VERY good indicator I'll encounter connection issues as I did with the MPow T5's which failed that test badly. Not so with the Aermoo B3's which are rock solid connection-wise.

    I'm done chasing... decided to give in and grab a MW07 just so I have a high-end reference point to qualify when I say something sounds good or bad.

    P.S. Aside from the first, some other more interesting mfr names of TWEs I found on Amazon:
    REFURBISHHOUSE <- while I'm all for getting discounts on refurb's, not really sure they realize this has a negative connotation for new products
    Tiamat < 80's D&D cartoon anyone?
    Qjuxron - is the Q or the J silent?
    ZFKJERS - Qjuxron? Not impressed! I'll see your double-consonants at the start and double that :)
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  8. clerkpalmer
    While it’s fun to try new models out sometimes it’s best to just pay the premium for the good stuff. Seems like the segments are pretty clear right now: sub 100 cheapies, 100 to 200 such as spn700, soundsport free, Jabra and rha and the 200 plus MTW and MW07 (although actually 300). Based on all the pages of this thread, it’s pretty clear you get what you pay for generally speaking with a few outliers on the edges here and there.

    Seems like sq is directly tied to price. Features not as much.
  9. Tommy C
    Yeah, financially it makes more sense to just buy a mid or top tier set and call it a day.
    I have tried a few chi-fi sets and none of those really impressed me and quality was always suspect.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  10. Bob24
    I don’t know all models, but at least the airpods also do report it to be fair, and drastic imbalance like the 0% / 90% screenshot someone posted is an issue no matter what. But you mayhave a point, possibly other earphones have the same issue and people just don’t notice.
  11. nc8000 Contributor
    Not only LV take an existing product and bling it up for a considerable premium

  12. webvan
    Thanks for the feedback. The M2 do appear to have something special ! You would probably notice a loose seal, I check by rubbing my fingers next to my ears. As for mixing eartips, doesn't that produce some imbalance in the sound ?
  13. howdy
    Whats the average price for the M2s? Ive seen them from $250 to $450. Ive been watching reviews on these and they seem like a good BT.
  14. WesennTony
    I think the nearly cylindrical shape of the M2 makes more even undulation across the earbud during running, which together with a small form factor, lightweight and a slightly loose seal can reduce the thumping a lot. It's perfect for on the go if you just need a pleasant background music to block the noise.
    The sound always leans toward my right ear no matter what IEM/headphones I use, and my left ear is a little more sensitive to bass. So I don't notice any sound imbalance with mixing eartips. Usually I take the right earbud out first to act as master, and the sound is quite right for me. Usually I don't listen longer than when they switch the master, but I heard that the new fw update solve the issue of shifting sound center, so that should be OK.

    BTW, I just received the airpods sleeves and tried them on the Sabbat X12 pro. I need to cut a little bit on the bottom to make a perfect fit, but it's an easy job. They add a bit more friction and comfort to me. Still not enough for working out, though.
  15. WesennTony
    I got them on sale at $175 two weeks ago. I'm not sure I'll pay the original price $249 now on their website. The SQ is still clearly behind MW07.
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