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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. albau
    Actually considering that they are just BT 4.2 for me MW07 have less dropouts than 65t which are BT5. I have no problems with them staying put at a gym no matter what I do there, though they are not good for a treadmill because of thumping. You’ll need to find proper for your ears combination of fins and tips. For me it turned out to be SpinFit CP100Z-L tips with large fins. None of the stock tips worked well in my case. MW07 are light, don’t stick much out, stay put in ears, easy to operate and have a really invigorating sound signature.
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  2. Closingracer

    This. Don’t have any issues but returned them because of poor battery life at the price point. If I can get them new at bestbuy or etc around $200-$250 I’ll get them again because they sound great. Just going to get AirPods for now which is purely for convenience of no wires which is what I am looking for primarily
  3. Tommy C
    Why don’t you get the Jabra Elite Sport instead of the fugly Airpods?
    Great reliability and a much better sound with excellent battery life and also cheaper. Last month they were on sale from Jabra for $100 which is ridiculous for what they are with the heart rate monitor and sports app.
  4. raheelc
    Yep, still noticing the hiss. It's not too bad, for the price I paid for the MW07 I guess I can live with it.

    Has anyone had an issue with the Jabra active 65t's, where the voice that says "connected" and "disconnected" is louder in the left ear bud than the right? When listening to music the sound is equally balanced in both buds, it only happens when the earbuds say "connected" etc.
  5. Edward Ng
    Here's what I did, as I had exactly the same experience you did with the Comply TrueGrip tips for my Senn MTWs:
    1) Decore a pair of the Comply TrueGrip tips (in my case the TrueGrip Pro tips, but same difference once decored)
    2) With the best-fitting pair of stock silicone mushroom tips installed on the IEMs, invert the mushroom cap part
    3) Slide the decored Comply foam onto the shaft of the stock mushroom tip, all the way up to the body
    4) Re-vert the mushroom cap back, over the foam

    Voila--you now have the isolation you expect from Comply, with a proper fit. Please let me know how this works out for you--I found the Medium size stock mushroom tips were the right fit for me, and this worked perfectly for me with the decored TrueGrip Pro tips! I do not know how well it will work with the other sizes included with the MTWs (XS/S/L).

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  6. BigZ12
    Thanks for the tip! :)
    Sounds like it could work very well.
    Since my post, I've mounted a medium sized Symbio tip on the MTWs. That works fantastic.
    With silicon over foam material (as the Symbio is built), I guess it works almost identical to what you built.
    Maybe I will try it anyway, just for fun. If I do, I'll post my experience.
  7. Edward Ng
    You’re welcome! I just decided to core out a pair of the Comply tips I have for the 1More Triple Driver IEMs and used them to fill out the Large silicone tips that came with the Sennheisers; will compare the two for fit, comfort, isolation and sound (of course in this situation, YMMV).

  8. -rowan-
    Hi, I've been lurking on this thread a bit. I've owned (and sold) a bunch of BT headphones in the past because of finicky connectivity and how they never sounded quite right but the technology is moving so fast it's worth dipping one's toes back in every now and again.

    Anyway I picked up the QCY QS1 (aka T1, I think) after reading a few good things about it here - and well, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at what I got for $20.

    For one, they're extremely easy to pair - as long as you're using them with only one device.

    They pair automatically every time with my iPhone but if say I felt like using them with an Android tablet, I'd have to reboot the buds and start from scratch. It's a bit of a pain, when I've had older BT headphones that pair with multiple devices seamlessly.

    Having said that, I love how these sound. Decent amount of sub bass with a good seal, fast and nicely judged decay so it doesn't bleed all over the mids. Overall a quite balanced and natural tuning - this is not one of those overly bright or dark IEMs that chifi is infamous for. A decently wide soundstage and good imaging. Sure, they could do with a bit more extension both ends but you'd be paying lots more for that.
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  9. chrisbriton
    Sorry if this has already been mentioned already. Is using AAC and Apple Music the best possible SQ combination for the MW07’s?
  10. clerkpalmer
    I use tidal and Apple music over my xs max. I cannot tell a difference. If you are on Android, I would use aptx over AAC.
  11. chrisbriton
    Thanks for the comment. I’ve got an LG v30 and a tidal hifi subscription but whatever streaming service I use from the v30 it’s annoying quiet compared to an iPhone XS Max, have you had any similar problems?
    So tidal hifi with aptx would not sound any better or worse than AAC? I reaalise these are probably very obvious questions, bit of a noob here
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
  12. chinmie
    Aptx and AAC are not much different on android to my ears. the noticable jump is from SBC to Aptx/AAC, and also from Aptx/AAC to LDAC
  13. clerkpalmer
    Tidal is a bit quieter than apple music on my iPhone. I believe I have read that the AAC implementation over Android is different than iOS and perhaps a bit worse. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I think on an Android aptx is better but you may not even notice a difference. Probably pretty close.
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  14. kiwikozo
    Can you post a picture, please?
  15. turbobb
    Doing a little more digging around for intersting TWEs and came across these:

    which look nearly identical to the Romeo 07R which has the QCC3001 but no aptX:

    The interesting thing is that in the specs for the Nuarl, it's the first time I've seen any manufacturer list different battery life between SBC/AAC (10hrs) vs. aptX (7hrs). I'm guessing it might be using the QCC3002 in which case, it should also have aptX LL which is so rare for TWEs (only one I'm aware of is the NuForce BeFree8). Anyone have any experience with the Nuarl NT01AX?
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