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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. cacio
    I have a volume imbalance between the buds on the Bomaker SiFi for a 2nd time..

    the left bud is louder than the right one

    I had it already yesterday and a reset has helped. But now I have already reset 3x without a change..

    And I had it with every TWS I ever had at some point.

    With Realtek an Qualcomm Chipsets.

    Appeares randomly when you adjust the volume. Like if a bud "ignored" the volume change.

    And I also had different phones with different Android versions in that time, so I guess the phone is not the issue here.

    Someone else with same experience ?

    EDIT: after couple more resets and pairing with other devices , volume is synced again. really strange
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  2. hedphonz
    Screenshot_20191208-081047_Soundcore[1].jpg [​IMG]
    strangely enough my hearID graph is identical too - exactly the same, im wondering just how accurate it is ?
    Anyone else getting different results/graph or is yours the same too ?

    i have no hiss but too much bass and not enough clarity, maybe im expecting too much from wireless ?

    edit: sorry for the huge screenshot !!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  3. clerkpalmer
    Mine is the same. Lol.
  4. clerkpalmer
    Probably. Clarity, soundstage and separation are hard to mix with Tws. Some better, some worse but probably need to go wired for good clarity.
  5. albau
    I dunno, guys. Am I human like you? My left ear definetly has a fit problem which I can feel. (Also to me this Personalized thing sounds very similar to Soundcore Signature, only slightly louder).

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  6. clerkpalmer
    Looks like you just need a left ear transplant and all will be fine.
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  7. Caipirina
    There are a lot of sport style TWS earbuds out there, depending on what sport they are probably all better suited than over ear.
    Maybe a bit more detail in your question helps us help you.
    For me I.e. : I started with the Jabra Sound Sport Elite for running, these days I can easily rock the Apple AirPods Pro for every sporty occasion.
  8. hedphonz
    wonder why it only goes to 6.4k?
    i can hear up to 8k and younger people up to 16k

    oh well - i cant hear any difference between soundcore signature and my personal one anyway !
  9. wksoh
    I had the Senn Amperior which I think is similar or identical to the HD25? I also have the mpow m5 and SSK Bt03. The mpow m5 are thick sounding, some think the highs are rolled off. The Senn Amperior is very V shaped sounding, bassy and sibilant. So I think you may find the mpow dull sounding.
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  10. Samplingentropy

    To my ears the hd-25's är fairly flat sounding, at least compared to the few phones I had the chance to really use and not just try
    a minute or to.
    Of course I want "good" sound, but for now budget is tight to non existent.
    Found the mpow and qcy t5 whitin my budget, read here that the fiil tx1 is good, but can't find it at the price people mention here.

    Basically want to try the feeling of no cable if budget allows.
    Otherwise I'm looking for a replacement for my broken Kz ed9, reading that thread to =p
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  11. wksoh
    Ok..I think the mpow m5 is closer sounding to Bose 700 type of sound. I like it very much but also am aware that some have complained the highs being rolled off..
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  12. ngd3
    Just got the supposedly newest revision of the Liberty 2 Pros, firmware 1.17 out of the box

    Hiss seems completely gone after a quick listen. I think they sound even better! I might prefer the stock EQ now. It's warmer and tames the sharper highs that some other EQs have, so with the hiss gone seems more balanced. Still great bass too :)
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  13. Samplingentropy
    Never tried a Bose headphone, owned a Bluetooth speaker once and was not impressed, found my friends JBL better in every aspect.

    Don't know if I even will notice rolled of highs, have a bit of a hearing loss/tinnitus from standing to close to speakers for to long at a few raves back in the day ;p
    Glad I still have hearing at all.
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  14. cacio
    I did saved some tracks from there even if it's not my primary music genre :o2smile:

    actually I think it would be nice when more people here would have a playlist link with fav songs somewhere in the profile. People who value good sound quality might also have a good taste in music :D
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  15. Caipirina
    Every time the 1000x are mentioned I dig them up again, give them a fresh charge and yes, marvel at the sound (for one of the very early TWS iterations, Sony nailed the sound and kudos at a first attempt of ANC)... and then I do a happy dance when I remember how little I paid for them ... and unlike both my Bose SSF, which apparently died of neglect (don't use for a few weeks at they commit battery suicide it appears), those Sonys are still going strong.
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