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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. clerkpalmer
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  2. Spamateur
    Appreciate it. I just sent them a message on Amazon to see if I can't do the same. Unless the Noble Falcons do something to blow these out of the water I think a less hissy L2P is a keeper.
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  3. Invalid
    Okay steering clear then. Haha.
  4. _mouse_
    It's really difficult to have clear view on 1096 pages...please someone may help the people like me to decide which decent tws around 100€?
    Forgot to thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
  5. Quicky32
    I can't hear a hiss in my LP2 but I'm still struggling with fit. I may take advantage of the 30 day return...
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  6. al2813
    I am about to pull the trigger on Soundcore LP2. Was about to get an APP yesterday but you cannot find it anywhere here and than I saw the LP2 feedbacks here and switched....

    one thing that deters me is the deep discount (Amazon.fr has it with a 40 euro coupon). I am worried Anker is about to release a follow up with ANC. Anyone has any info? While with IEMs I have no issue owning multiple ones, TWS is something else. I just want one that plays music in a good enough way and most importantly has great call quality in noisy environments.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
  7. webvan
    Hey, good catch on the 40€ coupon on Amazon.fr, they're only about a three weeks late on Amazon.com ! I wonder if they didn't do that to make up for the recall of the first version that had hiss. Incredibly enough they're apparently getting a THIRD version ready as the hiss is still not gone on some units. I'm a bit surprised they're still getting such a good press here with these repeated snafus...as well as fit problems...and lack of a custom EQ...they really have to sound GREAT :wink:
  8. al2813
    mmmm.... any other recommendations than? good call quality as I said is primary as I will using them mainly for calling and just a bit for music.
  9. duo8
    It seems that except the Galaxy Buds none of these TWS stuff works on my linux laptop.
    So I'll still have to keep a wired pair around.
  10. webvan
    I haven't flown with them yet but I've run some tests blasting some "cabin noise" from YT and they do very well. I've used them to commute and they're excellent. As pointed out earlier in this thread by @rhsauer the combination of passive isolation and ANR does wonders. I agree and rtings' actual measurements in their recent review confirms that the combo works great, best in class probably. The ANR is less "impressive" (i.e. makes less of a difference) than on the APPs, XM3s or LTA+, but the end result is better in my experience. And as I've mentioned before with the wings you're not going to lose the seal.
  11. Uncle00Jesse
    I’m in line for the 3rd revision too. My pair from last week definitely has some terrible distracting hiss. They sound really good, very alive, solid separation and pretty insane bass. Only thing I don’t like is that they are very very bright. My personalized eq in the app sounds best to me. All the presets sound very icy in the highs. I don’t get how people are listening on the Piano preset, it’s the worst offender for me. Shows that we all hear differently
  12. dweaver
    the L2P have very good call quality. I have used them in extremely noisy food courts, on busy city center streets and in wind and it has handled all 3 very well with good feedback from every caller and always sounded excellent on my end as well.
  13. Spamateur
    Got all three in the house. I am trying out the Noble Falcons right now.

  14. _mouse_
    Which one for call and comfort? Anker L2P, jabra elite sport, jbl reflect flow
  15. clerkpalmer
    I have the noble as well. Not sure how I feel about them. Sound seems good. Can’t stand the blinking lights. Do not like the long stem. It seems overly elongated even for audiophile type iems. Like the opposite of the anker and it’s shallow fit.
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