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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Spamateur
    Yup, this would be a great option, but I like that the app will write the EQ setting to the actual earpieces themselves so that the EQ effects are global and not limited to the one player. I use streaming with Tidal and Amazon Music and really only "buy" music on vinyl for home listening, so unfortunately this isn't an option. The app actually works shockingly well, but the addition of a user-customizable EQ like Jabra has versus the presets would be nice.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Comply tips. I'm wary of making the L2P even more bassy, but I wouldn't mind a bit more isolation even though these are decent to begin with.
  2. voicemaster
    This is what I do when I like something IMG_20191130_153218.jpg
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  3. CocaCola15
    Agree 100 percent that Anker needs to update the app with at least a minimal custom EQ option. None of the presets really work for me. The one designated as the default preset buries the mids I think. I love to be able to shape the sound a bit with my onboard music via the player I use.

    As for the Comply, I know they are $22 for a set of three. I don't mind really, but others might (heck they can get a cheap TW pair of buds for that price nowadays). But they just really take any edge off the L2P up top when not using an EQ, which is what I do for streaming services. I don't even turn on the app in fact. I had some soreness from the wings and the Complys also give me a stronger seal and don't think they boost the bass, just maybe make the highs a bit less is all. Plus, while they stick out more with Complys, once I get them in place they seem to stay put for my uses, which is outdoor walking with dogs, cleaning the house, stuff like that. Again, for what people call critical listening, I turn to the Blon 03/ES100 or the full-sized Sony BT phones, sometimes with a cable and not the NC enginer (the sitting in a chair and really listening mode). Funny thing is I hardly even think to use a cable any more, I mean cable from phones to player (either my ancient iPod Classic 160GB or the IP8+). The ES100 has sort of taken that role.

    I see we are both PSB speaker fans, though mine are ancient (but still sound great).
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  4. LordToneeus
    Totally missed the $10 off sale, and totally regretting it.
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  5. Quicky32
    I’m going to put my L2P up for sale ( I assume I can’t return them) because I want something that fits better. I’m new here and not sure what I should ask for them?
  6. tinyman392
    So I received the Noble Falcon TWS about a week or two ago. They arrived while I was in DC for work and I got back to the Thanksgiving rush so I haven't had much time with them. Initial impressions are that the boomy, hard slamming bass really stands out next to the very strong vocals (something the 4.Ai had lacked before it) and energetic mids and highs and very crunchy, hard treble. Kind of a very unexpected sound signature since the previous headphones I've heard from The Wizard were both extraordinarily smooth sounding headphones overall (the Heir Audio 3.Ai and 4.Ai). The fit is a bit odd for me as the IEM's stems are a little long and it seals a little too strongly with my ears which can lead to some driver flex issues in my right ear. One major positive about them is that the case they come with is on the smaller side. Volumetrically they are smaller than the AirPods Pro case (which are already on the small size). Controls are very nice on the Falcon and straight forward to use. The light up effects they have are also a very nice touch as well.
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  7. Pete7874
    For this to be a viable option, there would need to be a flat/no EQ setting in the app, so that you can use it as a clean starting point to use your player's EQ. Otherwise, you'll just be layering two different EQs on top of each other, which is probably not ideal. Anker should really add a no EQ option to the app, as well as a user customizable EQ, as others mentioned.
  8. Pete7874
    Did you buy them from Amazon. If so, you can return them if it' within 30 days. You may have to pay for return shipping.
  9. Blueshound24
    There is a Flat setting in the app which shouldn't add any EQ.
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  10. d3myz
    I review about 6-10 items a week. I always get refunded and it is not against amazons policy unless they ask you to give them a five star review. and even at that amazon is Making money off of it so they don’t really enforce it.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  11. Quicky32
    No I bought them direct from Anker.
  12. Spamateur
    Love PSB! Do you have a set of the Stratuses? I wish they were more appreciated of a hifi brand in general considering the solid engineering and how insanely competitive they are for the price. I'm coming up on 2 years with the T3s and I can't ever see myself moving off of them unless I win the lottery and can throw down on some Magicos.
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  13. Spamateur
  14. CocaCola15
    I don’t even turn on the app. I just connect the L2P via BT and adjust their flat sound with the player I have, Kaisertone Audio. And as noted, there is a flat setting in the Soundcore app.

    Plus, layering the EQ is not problematic if it sounds right.
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  15. ngd3
    For L2P owners on here - I've mentioned the same thing in this thread and I think I figured out a workaround. Switching from any other setting to Acoustic in the app causes them to distort, even at lower volumes. To fix, leave it on Acoustic, power both sides off then back on. For whatever reason powering them on with the EQ set fixes the issue. Very strange, I'll report to Anker to fix in a future FW update

    Piano eq is my fav at the gym, Acoustic for home/best sound quality imo
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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