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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. falang
    How are the echo buds ANR for travel? Have you tried them on a plane or mass transit? I'd give them a shot but they are not available to deliver to Hong Kong yet.
  2. Caipirina
    Darn, I really should have waited with my order. What idiot orders between 11.11 and BF? (me me me!)
  3. duo8
    Me. I had it worse, bought an "open box" pair of WF-1000XM3 from ebay for $175 3 days before someone from here sells a lot of new units for $160 each.
    Mine arrived with scratches on the case.
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  4. magi44ken
    Notice any improvement with microphone with the update?
  5. HiFlight
    I haven't made any calls on them since the update. Hopefully, I will get a chance to try it today.

    I have made several calls this afternoon from my 75t and all were reported as sounding excellent. I also called my wife who has bat-like hearing and she said my call sounded much better than calls made directly from my phone. From my end, the SQ sounded quite similar to the SQ of my custom EQ. One can also mute calls and toggle sidetone via the left multifunction button.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
  6. gibby
    I read a few pages here to find the best at any cost. Still haven't found that. Maybe Jabra Elite t75? Or might just get WH1000MX3. Really just want wireless good quality. I don't expect a reply or answer since there are a lot of unanswered questions in this thread.

    I did notice that the Bomaker have a $15 coupon on Amazon. I'll try them at $35.
  7. Timastyle
    I got the Bomaker Sifi last night and compared it to my SSK. The Sifi has more bass and warmth, but it's also looser in the lows and the vocals are recessed a bit. The SSK has more pronounced vocals, tighter bass albeit not as impactful for me and much better soundstage.

    I had the volume almost turned up all the way on the Sifi so I can get more voclas where I can't turn the SSK past 70% or the vocals get too high. If the vocals were a little less pronounced and I could increase the volume a little more, I'm sure the bass would be more impactful.

    For reference, I used the SpinFit 360 L on both and while the SSK feels locked in place, the Sifi feels as though it could fall out. Seal doesn't feel as tight especially in the right ear.

    I hope this helps anyone looking at both of these. I'm not an audiophile and just learning the terminology thanks to the sticky in this forum.
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  8. chinmie
    my Anker Liberty Neo had arrived yesterday, sounds quite good, nice polished sound with nice deep bass and clean mids and treble, kinda like my Galaxy buds. build quality of the unit is nice with some rubbery parts and buttons. sadly no volume control, but not really a big problem. listed battery life of 3.5 hours seems puny compared to others at 6 hour standard, but I've been testing this from 7 PM yesterday, using it on and off on my flight, now it's been around 6 hours of intermittent play and standby, the battery shows about 40 percent left..so at least for everyday usage scenario it's good enough. I'll test full playtime later when i get back home. overall this and the GGMM T1 (though this one a bit finicky fit on my ears, but love the sound and controls) both are satisfying purchases
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  9. Caipirina
    Nice! My neos are listed as ‘arrived at post office’, so maybe I get them on Monday.
    I wish I remember what made we want those :wink: Rubbery parts sounds good let’s see how they fit.
  10. Caipirina
    What are the chances that Apple / beats manages to cram the great ANC of the APP into the Powerbeats pro? And what would they call them? Pro Pro?

    I was so impressed with the bass when I tried them, I am wondering if I should get a pair used from e-earphone for about 150$ (they currently even list a closed box ‘pre-owned’ for 17900¥) ...
  11. clerkpalmer
    i don’t see that happening anytime soon. Pb pro are a decent option at 150. Biggest issue is external noise gets let in. Kind of like the bose. The l2p beats them handily in my opinion IF and this is a big IF fit is not an issue. I’m growing more and more frustrated with the fussy fit of the anker. Can take several tries to find the sweet spot. No such issues with pb pro.
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  12. magi44ken
    Thanks for testing. That's sounds very promising. I found a YouTube review for the previous firmware:

    75t starts at 5.20

    Is much better than the above?

    In case you see the comparison, for:

    Apple Airpod Pros starts at 9.25

    Liberty 2 Pro starts at 5.20

    L2P as good APP

  13. dweaver
    Wow I bought the Neutron music player years ago with my LG phones and ended up using the default LG music player because it was less clunky and sounded as good.

    Never thought to try it when I switched to Samsung. But when I wanted to tweak the EQ more than the default Samsung app allowed I gave Neutron a try again. It is a massive upgrade over the default music apps on Samsung! Still clunky but so much better from an audio perspective.

    Headphone Bar has BF sale of the MW07 for $219Cad, almost wishing I had waited as I might have bought them instead of L2P. But I am enjoying the L2P a ton EQ'ed and enjoy using them all day without issue and their excellent call quality so think I should just be happy with what I bought...
  14. Spamateur
    I got a pair of the Soundcore L2P to try out that arrived this morning. They're really excellent. I love it when a company actually listens to what the market wants and doesn't cut corners.

    A few thoughts:

    Ownership experience:
    - Super comfortable, among the best IEMs that I've tried in this regard, period. Luckily I had no fit issues and I'm using them with the stock tips and wings that came installed out of the box. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, no joke.

    - Charging case is excellent in terms of size and functionality (wireless charging AND USB-C... holy cats!), and the overall build quality is light years better than my Mavin Air-X or even the Sennheiser MTW.

    - Great packaging. Anker is doing a great job making these feel like a premium device to compete with the big boys.

    - The app actually works as designed! I'm shocked considering how crap most of these apps are. However, give me a dang 12-band EQ that I can customize. None of this preset junk is worth using when all I want to do is drop the bass by a couple decibels.

    - Great range and connectivity from my initial experience. I've had zero drops in a few hours of listening and I went into the other room without a hiccup with my phone being 2 thick walls and probably 20 feet away.

    - Some hiss, but not egregiously bad. Out of the box the app updated them to the latest firmware. I'm not sure if that means if I have the latest version or not, but they were ordered on Thursday night from Amazon so I'd assume they're new stock.

    - Bassy. I like bass, but this is just barely keeping from straying into "too much" territory. The good news is the bass is tight and fast enough to not be annoying. One of my bass test tracks is "Dream House" by Deafheaven, which features a ridiculously fast double kick bass drum right out of the gate while lead vocalist screams and screeches over tons of swirling, distorted guitars. The L2P delivered the entire experience without ever getting muddy or confused. Excellent!

    - I tried the other EQ settings but actually found the HearID sounds the best. Overall the L2P is verging on a V-shaped signature and the HearID seemed to bring the vocals a bit more forward so the mids weren't as recessed.

    - The "Acoustic" EQ setting immediately started the drivers clicking like crazy as if they were bottoming out or hitting the driver housing. Something is terribly wrong here.

    - I can't quite figure out the treble on these. At times it sounds great, but other times the cymbals and hi-hats sound hashy and weirdly thin compared to the Mavins and my home stereo setup. It's inconsistent and depends on the track, but I don't have this same issue with the other IEMs and my stereo setup using the same tracks. This is really the only area where the sound isn't uniformly pleasing, but I'm mostly willing to chalk this up to some poorly mastered tracks.

    - From memory, these are somewhat like a poor man's Sennheiser MTW in terms of sound signature, but falling a bit short in terms of ultimate clarity. I found the MTW to be a bit steely up top, but it was much cleaner and better controlled from top to bottom.

    I'd give these a solid 9/10 in terms of build, and 8/10 in terms of function, and a 7.5/10 in terms of sound. As a complete package I don't can't think of a better TW model right now that doesn't have a major compromise in one way or another, plus Anker's history of customer support is pretty good and I really like that they're doubling down on creating compelling audiophile products after their first-gen TW models fell flat.

    I got the Noble Falcon supposedly arriving tomorrow, so I'll do a quick comparison. Hopefully it's as good as the L2P.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  15. CocaCola15
    For L2P owners to consider: If the app annoys you (it does me) don’t use it. Try a player with a built-In EQ, if you listen to onboard tracks. I don’t use them for streaming Amazon HD, which I only do at home, preferring either the Sony WH-1000M3 or the Blon 03 with the Earstudio ES100, which both have EQ capabilities. Also, the Comply Audio Pro foam tips are great with the L2P, and fit in the case. These tips really get the treble right on the L2P.

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