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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. d3myz
    Thanks for your feedback. I have a couple MMCX BT cables i've collected may give them a shot with them. I also just got these Blon BL03 a lot of folks were raging about, They sound pretty good for the money, very warm, but I really need to pull the trigger on the BT20s. all the cables I have for 2-pin and MMCX are BT 4.1 and 4.2.
  2. HiFlight
    BT20S adds Aptx, somewhat longer play time and some protection from moisture.
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  3. AudioNoob
    I've ordered the JEET Air plus. As far as I can tell, they are the only tws under $75 ($55 or so) with an app that can change sound profiles, button actions and offer firmware updates.
  4. hifi80sman
    Interesting. Looks like just a single BA drive unit? Curious if they can reproduce lows sufficiently. All single/dual BA setups I've tried have always been a light on the bass. Admittedly, I do enjoy bass, so maybe I'm just not a BA only guy.

    A little leery on the Chi-Fi Apps. Spyware? Maybe I'm just paranoid.
  5. AudioNoob
    It doesn't have ads and its on the official Google platform, it also works when you deny it permissions to files and such. I also can delete it once I put the settings I want it. I'll let you all know once I receive them. I prefer single ba earphones to dynamics generally so we shall see.
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  6. albau
    Not exactly, original MW07 has auto pause/resume. Other not mentioned differences: MW07 Plus is smaller, besides ANC has transparency mode, lacks AAC support (only AptX).
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  7. chinmie
    i did try it a few months ago when i first got the BT20S, and i can confirn too that there's no hiss with the ER4XR. i even don't have to make any modifications / shaving the rubber to make a solid connection.

    the only problem that i have with this combo is the way i use the Etys they need to point forward and up in my ears. add the really stiff cables of the BT20S, the only way i can fit it in my ears is with the BT20S unit in front of the ears.
  8. jant71
    A kinda funny new feature here... [​IMG]
    Philips new Action Fit wireless will have BT5.0, 6 hours battery life, 15 minutes for 1.5 hours quick charge, IPX5, wing tips for a secure fit, and....

    the charge case UV cleanses the earbuds. Put them in the case and they undergo a UV cleaning cycle to "remove bacteria" :)
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  9. srinivasvignesh
    And the Go is 15% smaller than the Plus (both the case and the earphones).

    Go has better water resistance.
  10. hifi80sman
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  11. hifi80sman
    Wow, bacteria AND it even removes the dreaded "acteria"! Can't wait for this review. I feel clean already!

    Hopefully, they put more care in the TWS' than the website.

  12. veraideishal
    Nice! I’m running ER2XRs using the Fostex TM2 (mentioned it earlier in the thread). Chose it over the BT20 due to the promise of an ambient mode (it... exists) and EQ functionality (“coming soon”). I also had to shave the plastic off the MMCX connectors due to the recessed plugs on Etymotics.

    The upside-down wear style looks really interesting. How do they stay up??
  13. Uncle00Jesse
    Definitely returning the APP. Can’t get a seal in the right ear no matter the tip and sound quality is lackluster for $250.

    interested now in the L2P. For anyone that’s had the Sony XM3s, how do the L2Ps compete sound wise? I thought the Sony’s were quite good. Will I really miss noise canceling if I went with the L2P? How well do they isolate for commutes?
  14. Pete7874
    Maybe it's Astria's little sister? WTH is Astria anyway?
  15. tma6
    I'm testing the L2Ps right now, also after returning the APPs. Will do a full review in a couple days. Missed noise cancelling at the beginning, but have already gotten used to it and don't miss it much anymore.

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