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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. pokenguyen
    I can only compare 3 models, MW07, SMTW and Sony. About the comfort, SMTW is the best, you don't feel the headphones at all. Next is MW07, it fits well and comfortably, very secure, but sometimes you can feel the "wings" in your ears. There is no pain or discomfort in long time (I use them at work), just that you can feel it sometimes. For Sony, it is comfortable when sitting still, but when you move you can feel the bulky headphone, and it is difficult to have a secure fit, it feels loose in your ear.

    About the SQ, I rate MW07 > Sony > SMTW. The sound signature of SMTW is different from both MW07 and Sony, so you may like it better.

    I also only care about comfort and SQ, that's why I choose MW07. Sony and SMTW has more features though (ANC, EQ, Firmware update,...)
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  2. hifi80sman
    Off topic, but I've also been looking at the FiiO EH3. I ended up purchasing both the Bowers & Wilkins PX5 and PX7. Using the on-ear PX5 for the gym here and there. Just got the PX7 yesterday, but so far, so good. I had the Sennheiser M3, but they were a step down in build quality vs. the M2. Sounded better and more comfortable than the M2, but just did not have the same quality build (thinner leather, cheaper plastic).

    I rotate from TWS, on-ear, and over-ear, because frankly, I have a major addiction problem, but also, it reduces fatigue from a single form factor.
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  3. hifi80sman
    Crap. Apparently I won't wait with bated breath for the MEIDONG review (which actually look kind cool, save the name). :p
  4. Soul_Viper
    Which ones? Do u think it will be worth waiting for them?
  5. Soul_Viper

    And what do u think about the new MW models? The "Go" version and the Plus? In Europe they don't sell the go model anywhere except their official website.
  6. pokenguyen
    The MW07 Go = MW07 + triple battery life
    MW07Plus = MW07 + triple battery life + ANC (not as good as Sony) + sensor to pause/unpause when you taking the phones out of your ears.

    I'm using MW07 Go because ANC is not really important to me, save me 100e. I bought from another buyer in Germany so it is even cheaper.
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  7. rhsauer
    I think MW07Plus = MW07 + triple battery life + ANC (not as good as Sony) + sensor to pause/unpause when you taking the phones out of your ears + two microphones in each earpiece with beamforming tech for better noise cancellation during calls. That last part might be most important, depending on use case :wink: Unfortunately, however, the MW07 Plus is still not bringing the AAC love.
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  8. pokenguyen
    Thanks for clarification.

    I don't hear any difference between my iPad/Macbook and my Android phone, so it's not a problem to me. They all sound beautifully.
  9. Timastyle
    How's the ambient noise mode on the Plus? I don't believe the original had it, right?
  10. Soul_Viper
    Thanks for your answers, but somewhere I have read that apart from that, also there are some size difference between them, is it right?
  11. briank996
    If anyone was interested in a TWS Etymotic, I’ve found that they work really well with the TRN BT20(S) adapters.

    Needed to shave off about 1/32nd of the rubber on the TRN adapter for the MMCX to connect properly, then put a tiny bit of heat shrink over the adapter and the earphone to cover the small gap. Very easy and heat shrink not necessary, just made it look pretty.

    The big differences between the TRN BT20 and BT20S is that the ’S’ model has a matte finish, runs with higher gain, has better battery life and supports APT-X. Both models support AAC, so if you’re primarily using a Mac / IOS, you may not find much benefit with the S model.

    Here’s the results of testing I’ve done with the Etymotic models I have access to.

    Etymotic ER4 XR
    TRN BT20 - No Hiss
    TRN BT20S - No Hiss

    Etymotic ER3 XR
    TRN BT20 - Slight Hiss
    TRN BT20S - Noticeable Hiss

    Etymotic ER2 XR
    TRN BT20 - No Hiss
    TRN BT20S - No Hiss

    Microphone quality sucks on both.

    BT connectivity and sound quality are stellar.

    I have to say that with my iPhone I notice zero difference between these and wired from a sound quality perspective.

    Definitely my new favorite gadget.


    Can be securely and comfortably worn in two different ways.


    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  12. pokenguyen
    I'm using Go version, which doesn't have that mode.
  13. d3myz
    Anyone used the MEE AUDIO PINNACLE P2 with the BT20/s? Drop has it for $25. I remember looking at these before I bought my iBasso It01's and they were similarly priced.
  14. Mouseman
    I don't have the BT20s, but I do have the P2s -- I've never been that impressed with them and they quickly fell out of rotation. They are nowhere near the capability of the P1s/PXs, which I adore and still listen to. I think that contributed to my take on them -- I kept comparing them to the P1s, which they're not (but they also cost a fraction of the price, especially with that deal).

    But for $25, it might just be worth a try. They aren't overly sensitive, so they shouldn't hiss much, and they don't take much power to drive well (unlike the P1s, where more is better). I'm a little surprised they're blowing out the stock -- I wonder if MEE has something else in the works or if they're just trying to shrink the product line. If you do buy them, do yourself a favor and throw the stock cable in the trash straight away.
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  15. 13gsc13
    What's the differences between the BT20 and the BT20S

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