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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. sarv
    Yeah just emailed them cos I was gonna order them today, keep us updated, thx man
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  2. Bartig
    Got the Aiwa Prodigy Air, Bomaker Sifi and the Haylou GT2. It doesn’t really make a difference whether you’re spending 20 dollars anymore, or 60. They all compete with each other.

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  3. Luchyres
    Appreciate your insights and the comparison with Nuarl - I suspect you may be right about the " resonance chamber" approach for the Nuarl.

    The Aviot *sounds* interesting - but I just can't do it with that case lol.

    Curious to know more about their imminent hybrid/new offerings - let us know if you buy them!
  4. jant71
    Isn't it fair you give Nuarl a shot too and try the N6/6 Pro and compare against the Aviot Flagship. Or else you'll never know which is the King or your hill. :smiling_imp:
  5. XGUGU
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  6. geoxile
  7. Pete7874
    Based on some of the recent comments on Amazon, it appears some people are still complaining about hissing on their newly arrived L2P.

    Mine are coming in tomorrow.

    There is definitely some baseline hiss in my L2, regardless of source signal volume or earphone volume, but whether one would consider it abnormal/excessive, I'm not sure. At the volume that I usually listen to, it wouldn't be noticeable.
  8. onree
  9. bronco1015
    Theres a code someone shared that takes the L2P from $149 to $109.
    If someone already shared that again my bad. Thought i'd just repost since it was shared like 20ish pages back or so.
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  10. willyk
    Yup. I've been eyeing the L2P's for Christmas gifts. But, I'd need to know that I am giving something that actually works well.
    Leaning towards the GBuds at the moment.
  11. clerkpalmer
    I still hear hiss. It’s much better than before and it’s no worse than something like a bt20s (better probably). It doesn’t interfere with the music. But if you want a silent noise floor, look elsewhere.
  12. MLTwee
    It's on pre order from TaoBao on the 11th Nov and will start shipping 10 days later which is the 21th. The current shipping date if u order from the site will be 15th Dec.
  13. Pete7874
    Yup, which is why I mentioned the $20 difference between L2P ($110) and L2 ($90) currently.
  14. Pete7874
    So which sub $100 TWS out there are completely silent? Based on what I've read here before, none of them are.
  15. willyk
    Thanks for your feedback.
    I hear no appreciable "hiss" in my MPow T5's or Tranya B530's. If the LP2's have more hiss then these TWS's, I'll pass.

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