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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Pete7874
    Funny how we all prefer different sound signatures. Not sure if L2P has different bass than L2, but with my L2, I prefer the Bass Boost EQ. Otherwise, I just find the bass lacking. Possibly I am not getting the best sealing against my ear canals, but I've tried all the different tips they came with, and still find the bass lacking unless I boost it. And with Bass Boost EQ in place, treble also feels reduced, which I like.
  2. magi44ken
    I understand. Hope you get a chance to test the mic and wanted to confirm two pro reviews saying it is as good as Apple Airpod Pro due to the 2 mics on each Bud.
  3. WesennTony
    A little bit losing my mind in early morning the other day, I ordered Aviot TE-D01b when their price dropped to $165 on amazon. No expectation whatsoever, just curious how they rival against nuarl nt01ax. Surprisingly, they're the best TWS in terms of SQ so far for my ears, dethroning nt01ax and MW07 go.

    They have the lowest noise floor. Almost dead silent. After a week of testing L2P, the difference was immediately realized. They have neutral sound sig, tuned toward reference monitor. The bass is tight with good layers, though the amount is sufficient but not for basshead. They shine in mids and highs. Clean, crisp, accurate, and presented with authority. The most impressive part is that, despite still lack of details comparing with high-end wired IEMS, they're as good as those to de-digitize the sound without any micro-pierce and high volume cracking/clipping. I can't imagine that the lossy BT signals can be transformed to such high quality sound. The attention to perfection in SQ throughout whole spectrum is second to none. Comparing with nt01ax, they have a slightly smaller sound stage, less bass, but better clarity in mids, and almost identical in other aspects. The tonality of Aviot leans toward "audiophile" type reference monitor, while nt01ax toward consumer.

    The stock tips give a thinner sound. The spiral dots do the trick perfectly.

    They're light, smaller than I assumed, and very comfortable. Sound isolation is very good as well. and IPX7. Call quality is good as well. Had a call for about 30mins, without any complaints from the other side.

    The cons are a large charging case (about double the length of that in nt01ax and MW07 though thinner) and limited button controls. Only play/pause and skip forward, same on both sides. And only Japanese quick guide. I have to google to learn how to use them.

    I don't think they'll attract much attention since the sound sig does not follow the mainstream trend. But the craftsmanship in SQ is in their own league. They're definitely a keeper for me, and I'm now etching for Aviot's new flagship, TE-BD21f, a hybrid with 2BAs and 1 DD.
  4. ld100
    I been burned many times by getting headphones that supposedly were the best thing since sliced bread just to discover that they were total trash. While certainly we hear things differently and often fit and this that that make a lot of difference a few times I discovered that people who review things are completely unqualified to state their opinion. And these days with youtube and other platforms everyone wants to be a reviewer...
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  5. dweaver
    My other choice I was thinking about was the Lypertek Tevi as it has IPX7 and an even better battery life. But I also enjoy more bass so thought again the L2P was a better option. But if I have any issues with the L2P I may try the Tevi instead.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  6. HiFlight
    My initial impressions from yesterday:

    "Some of my comments regarding the 75t:

    Out of the box they will please a basshead, which I am not. I found mine needed an update to the firmware which took about 15 minutes using the excellent Jabra Sound+ app, the use of which I consider to be a necessity. I was able to quickly create an EQ curve that matched my listening preferences. Tonally, they still sounded somewhat off but I discovered that they were using the SBC codec. Switching to AAC improved the overall tonality and timbre considerably.
    Overall, I am very pleased and consider them to be a definite upgrade to my 75t. Buttons are much easier to press than on the 75t and all controls are working flawlessly. Connectivity has been rock solid so far and the phones are extremely comfortable."

    Without the use of the Sound+ app, I wouldn't have been able to tolerate the excessive bass, but is easy to use the app to create a custom preset that is remembered even without the use of the app. Do heed the prominent sticker that recommends first updating the firmware!
    Also, after first device pairing, it is necessary to press each multifunction button simultaneously for 3 seconds to place them in the pairing mode again for each new device. The app is quite capable once you get familiar with its use.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  7. FYLegend
    USB-C? Wireless charging? What about SOLAR charging?!?! You can get a discount if you reserve it, but it asks for 1$ to lock in your reservation...

    The design sure looks nice. Not so sure about the location tracking or codecs though...
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  8. dweaver
    Those look very interesting but I am very wary about startups like this, especially with technology like ANC, not to mention just overall sound quality. But they might just be the bees knees :)
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  9. Jules7
    Glad i'm not the only one who thought so. When my Wife first got her S10, I checked out the wired AKG that came with it and was very impressed with the SQ especially when its just 'earphones that came with a smartphone'.
    It only took very minimal EQ adjustment to make it sound the way i like!
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  10. duo8
    They can just buy ANC from qualcomm anyway, don't have to develop it.
  11. carlosonunez
    Good lookin out. I was thinking of grabbing these (am currently now on just the AirPods Pro, which have been amazing); you saved me a trip
  12. bronco1015
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  13. go0gle
    As far as the EQ settings for the LP2, its strictly personal, and it really depends on what you are listening to.
    To my ear

    for anything analog (jazz, rock, blues, classical etc.) the acoustic, rock, and piano sound the best depending on the track.
    for anything digitally produced (techno, house, any of the numerous edm genres) the electronic sounds best.
    for hip-hop and rap I just use the factory one or the r&b

    I am very interested to try the Aviot TE-D01b. How's the battery life ? They are quoting ~9hrs, but the battery inside is 45mA vs 65mA for the LP2 .. somehow I don't buy it, but maybe the 3026 chipset is way more efficient.

    It makes sense that the low end isn't as powerful, the dynamic driver in the lp2 is almost twice the size at 11mm vs. 6mm. That's not say that the Aviots don't sound better, just pointing that out
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  14. DigDub
    I've got a Sony Xperia 5 phone recently and it's the first device I have that actually supports the Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus standard where each bud connects to the phone directly instead of a master/slave configuration. I can use either the left or right mpow t5 buds individually, where with other phones, only the right bud is master and putting it in the case will shut down the left bud too. And the battery life of both buds can be seen on the phone without any special app, where with other phones only the battery life of the connected master bud can be seen.

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  15. bronco1015
    both my phones support TWS plus, and every pair of TW iems i've tried that have the same chipset as the T5 have supported it. In each case though, or with any true Wireless pair that can function in mono mode, once i've paired the first one i see, whether the L or R, once the pairing is complete i get a prompt asking if i want to pair to the other bud. I hit yes and it works flawlesly every time. it's possible i got a defective T5, as the right earbud started having imbalance issues just a couple weeks in to owning them. yes they were clean lol. Or maybe i just missed the prompt when i connected them. Glad the feature works for you though. i'd wondered if it was just a bogus claim, or if Mpow hadn't implemented it.

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