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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. hifi80sman
  2. webvan
    Thanks for confirming that there is no "magic" involved with the 75t's, you really have to wonder what some "reviewers" are thinking at times, I suppose they're mostly being clueless :wink:
  3. ScottPilgrim
    After venturing a little into mid-lowrange IEMs, i am finally thinking of going entirely wireless, as I am tired of getting tangled into shiny wires when I want to listen to music. Now, my biggest concern is my device, which is an XS max. Admittedly it isn’t the best device to stream music through. I currently satiate my needs through Tidal HiFi for students and rip the songs that i like through a third party application, listening through neutron to my preferred parametric EQ, or just download it to my phone. However I understand the jump to wireless will actually take my hardcore audiophile desires away. Now...

    My quest is to find a pair of TWS phones that sound marginally better than or atleast similar to my IEMs on my sig,

    Microphones for talking,

    Functionality would be cool as heck too.

    Now, i do have an LG G7 which might be able to transmit LDAC. Not too sure. I’m fine with AAC however.
    At this point, price is no object for me.
    I am not interested in using the fostex TM02, much rather have an AIO solution.

    And I do prefer cross compatibility between both my devices.

    I really really want to get the galaxy buds but i don’t think they’re entirely supported on IOS ecosystem.

    I am hearing of fitment issues on wf1000xm3.

    And I abhor the airpods.

    Is the L2p my lord and savior, or should I look for better options?

    I generally listen to rap and EDM. But i insist that you do not think I am a bass junkie, as my preference is similar to the harman curve, provided someone turn the upper mid spike down.

    Thanks in advance for guiding an explorer on his journey. :D
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  4. duo8
    I too am appreciative of how true-wireless-ness solves some of the biggest issues I had with wired IEMs, namely restricted movement (when not plugged into a portable source) and microphonics (microphonics alone significantly hampered my enjoyment of the FLC8S).

    Any Android device running 8.0+ can transmit LDAC, however there are no LDAC TWS earbuds.
    You could try the Airpods Pro, would go well with iOS devices and people have said they sound good.
    I have tried the Galaxy Buds and I don't think anything can beat them for that price, unless you absolutely hate that sound signature. Where I live they can be had for <$100 new sealed (from those who got it with the S10 but didn't want it).
    People have reported that mic quality isn't very good on the Galaxy Buds however.
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  5. AudioNoob
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  6. Luchyres
    The L2P do get a lot of love on here these days - but I would suggest the Nuarl NT01AX as it is still my daily driver. The bass isn't quite as full as the L2P - but overall it is clear and has more immersive mids to my ears than the L2P.

    I'm also keen to see what Nuarl come out with next (N6Pro) - but you may be able to find the NT01AX for sale because of the new N6 soon. (Amazon)
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  7. go0gle
    I listen to a lot of electronic music and the lp2 shine there, especially with the custom EQs in the app.

    I have the AirPod pros , it’s no contest
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  8. howdy
    Gotta gets some of the Earin M2s to add to that collection before they sell out. They sound good but the size is so small that there nice to have when you don't want others to know your jammin cuz they almost entirely fit in your ear.
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  9. Pete7874
  10. Uncle00Jesse
    So I’ve spent nearly a month each with APP and the XM3 using an iPhone XR. XM3 sounds infinitely better to me. On the “excited” eq preset, much more energy, soundstage, separation, and fuller sounding. The fit I found to be okay but a little bulky. The case is obviously horrible.

    in terms of NC I can’t see how some are saying APP is better. You really can’t get a super quality seal with the APP, it’s a really shallow, tip only seal. While they are secure and not going anywhere, it just gives you a slight feeling that they aren’t really tight, and I hate that. I’m on NYC subways everyday. With music on 75%+ volume you cannot hear any outside noise with the XM3s. It’s really awesome. APP while fine, still leaks in some high pitched stuff, bursts of laughter, subway screeches etc.

    APP are really handy and I like them a lot but I’m not thrilled with the SQ for $250. They’re okay, just not my be all end all. Sound wise I could make the Sony’s my one and only, but the slight weirdness in fit and pressure you feel in ear is making me want to try something else.

    what else is there to try?
  11. bronco1015
    Weird you have pairing issues with the MTW, i don't have a pair that connects faster. And they the momentums i mean, connect instantly. All of my TWS pair pretty quickly, quickest to slowest are, Sennheiser momentums, Anbes 359, Ofusho f16, Shanling MTW 100BA Anker LP2 Pro. FWIW, i stopped in the middle of writing this post to confirm what i just said so i wasn't doing it from perceived memory. And theres also not a huge difference between them all, the LP2 pros take just about 5 seconds. So we're aren't talking about a crisis here haha. The Momentums, for all their flaws, say power on. connected and during that 1 second or so, i can hit the left earbud panel once to start music and the command is processed during the prompts and music starts up right after i hear connected. I agree with you on the boomy sound of the lp2 pros that's set by default, no matter what setting i use, i can't EQ enough bass out of them. Therees some sub bass i'd like to remove, but it's not bad enough to where i'd want to return them. Glad i was able to get alot of the bass out though, cause theres just wayyyyy to much be default and with a lot of the presets within the app. I am not a fan of the default sound on the momentums either. I was considering returning the LP2 pros because i really don't need them, but they're a great product for the discounted price i got them for and great in general. i've also been curious about the DD version of the Shanlings, because i agree. The BA ones just need a hair mor volume but just a touch.
  12. webvan

    The Amazon Echo Buds with Bose ANR ! They're a good compromise between the APP and the XM3 at...half the price. The fit is a lot better than the XM3s, the wings can make them completely secure, they're not deep insertion like the XM3s but still have better passive isolation. The SQ is very pleasing with the BA driver providing excellent "accuracy". Alexa is handy (can be turned off) too.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  13. Pete7874
    Is there a way to tell how much charge is left in Liberty 2? Is there a low battery indicator on the earphones themselves?
  14. bronco1015
    Did the note10 plus come with some TWS by AKG? Or are you talking about the wired set that comes with the s10 and note 10 lines? i set up my mom's s10 a few weeks ago, and was 99% sure she wasn't going to use those instead of the jabras and qc 35s she uses, and i was right. Took them for a backup pair to have in my computer bag, and they really don't sound terrible even for a freeby/add-on. not to mention they have a comfortable fit.
  15. mattedialdoc
    Have you tried the APP? The may not be the best audiophile , but they are pretty damn nice

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