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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. geoxile
    For those with the mw07 plus. Is there a way to manually activate the anc? Or is it supposed to be automatic, because tbh it sounds like it's not working at all.
  2. Pete7874
    For someone who's never owned any TWS before, how can you tell if what you're hearing is normal vs abnormal hiss?

    Was the hiss in your first pair very apparent/noticeable?
  3. D3soLaT3
    Newest member of the L2P club.

    Initial impressions are very positive.

    Will do more listening this afternoon.
  4. tma6
    hold the volume down button
  5. geoxile
    Thanks. Works decently on heat/air rushing
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  6. Timastyle
    No one has experience with these? Did a search and nothing came up. Hoping someone has here.
  7. D3soLaT3
    Well, there is no denying it now. I officially have a problem. These are just the ones I've kept.
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  8. ld100
    Which one is the best? :)
  9. D3soLaT3
    L2P comes out on top. They are pretty much aligned worst to best (left to right) but I would put the unbranded UFOs behind the Truedots. Only ones I regret keeping are the Bomakers.
  10. hifi80sman
    Since I have over 20 pairs of TWS' and have tried countless more, my basis for comparison is pretty good, so I can say the L2P that I recently received is quite normal. Most wireless units have a faint hissing/noise floor, but it's largely unnoticed during the course of normal use, even on tracks with quiet spots (classical, etc).

    The hiss on the first unit was very apparent and completely abnormal.

    Certainly, I cannot guarantee the pair you receive will be the same as mine, but there is a stark difference between the 2 and because of the gap in availability, I can only assume Amazon's stock is all the "new version". The good thing is, you can return/exchange if you want with Amazon. Also, if you don't want to go through Amazon for some reason, Anker will deal with you directly.
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  11. hifi80sman
    Welcome to the club. I think I have a few more lying around, but gives you an idea of how the mind becomes warped. Better than drugs, though! IMG_2362.jpg
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  12. webvan
    Anyone else apart from @tma6 got the 75ts ? I've seen claims in Amazon "reviews" that there is no "thump" when walking and running...which I find hard to believe since they're also said in these reviews that they isolate more than the 65ts that have a bad thump, like all "IEMs" out there actually. Even the shallow insertion APP with its "vent" has it.
  13. surfacecube
    Hey guys, got myself the 1more stylish on 11.11 for 45 euros (50$), I wanted to know if I could have gotten something better for the same price ? I'll probably only use them until Google release their TWS if they do not end up being trash.

    I know you're supposed to ask before buying something but the tempatation was too big... In any case they'll be definitely better than my Syllable S101 and Wavefun Xpods 2.
  14. hifi80sman
    For $50, that's really good. I think you got the most bang for your buck. I wouldn't feel bad about that at all!
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  15. hifi80sman
    Be weary of those claims...unless you have a semi-open design...maybe there is a kind of light rubbing sound, not necessarily a "thump", which is what I experience with the L2P. It's not an actual THUMP, but it sounds more like it's rubbing a little, which is audible.

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