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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. WesennTony
    I never have hybrids before, but I do have a bunch of BA wired iems and TWS like Earin m2 and Mifo O5 pro. m2 also have Kownles BA, with very pleasant mids. My issue with L2P is not the bass, but the vocals which is unnatural to my ears and quite different from m2. Technically L2P are excellent, having every frequency covered nicely, but all these sound seem not in good harmony with their presets, and tonality of the vocals is off.
    But a further test gave me much better feeling about them. All of my music playing are from Neutron music app. When I select flat from Soundcore app and adjust EQ in Neutron, the sound is much, much better, and I'm now getting what all the praises are about. L2P do have a great potential, but a little tricky to get the sound right. Maybe Neutron is not so friendly with Soundcore EQ presets.
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  2. Luchyres
    I'm with you @WesennTony - I had the Liberty 2 and LP2 and my impressions match yours - my L2P did not hiss much but I did not like the crossover from DD to BA. The highs seemed peak-y and compressed to me, and I prefer my nuarl, case especially, and will wait for the new 1more and N6Pro or Noble Falcon - the next ones I have hopes for...
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  3. duo8
    I had a BT10 and it was also very hissy.
    I think it's just a TRN thing, people reported hissing with all their BT cables.
  4. gorman
    Ok... :frowning2:
    Anybody with similarly sensitive/low impedance IEMs that could comment on Fostex's TM2?
  5. AudioNoob
    Got it. Thanks. I wish they moved to low pressure actuation sensors rather than touch. Gloves make things difficult for us penguins living in the north
  6. Kenneth Galang
    any update on the app for the tevi? just got mine :)
  7. mjb152
    love to hear your thoughts, I'm having fomo about them :)
  8. mjb152
    I went into BestBuy yesterday (dangerous place), they said they'd had a delivery of Jabra 75T and they sold out immediately. the actually look quite nice, I'd have bought some if they'd have been in stock
  9. Mouseman
    My Soundcore Pro 2s are waiting for me at home, I can't wait. A question for owners -- are you hearing the hissing all the time, or is it worse when the music is paused? Any suggestions on test tracks to use to hear it?
  10. BigZ12
    New update in App Store (ver 1.01), but my buds still won't connect to the app. :frowning2:
  11. Kenneth Galang
    ahh iOS only so far right?
  12. BigZ12
    That I don't know. I don't own an Android device.
  13. Kenneth Galang
    ahh good point. welp the google play store doesnt seem to have anything by lypertek. luckily my phone EQ seems to work universally so far so thats good enough
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  14. hifi80sman
    Bass response is deep and it's a clean, detailed, resonating bass. It's not a muddy, mushy, or any other negative adjective. Comfort is good and it sits nicely in the ear with plenty of ear tips and wings to get the right fit.
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  15. hifi80sman
    My first pair had hissing and it was not volume dependent, meaning I could turn volume all the way down and it was still there, just as turning up the volume didn't change the hiss level.

    My second pair does not have any appreciable hissing. There is a very faint hiss if you listen for it with no music playing, but it's very mild and pretty much on par with any good TWS setup. This pair is supposedly the "new version".

    There was a gap in availability on Amazon from the intial release to the new release. From all the comments and responses from Anker themselves, apparently there was a gain issue on many of the originally produced units that was later fixed on the "new version". One would think this could have been handled via firmware update, but I suspect the gap in availability was because they had to remedy a hardware issue somewhere in the audio chain.
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