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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. xuan87
    Just want to shamelessly plug Lendmeurears' latest TW earphones: The Alpha and Delta Elite http://www.lendmeurears.com/alpha-delta-elite-true-wireless-earphones/

    Disclaimer: I'm friends with the owner, he did not ask me to help him spread the word in any form, so I'm doing this of my own free will. I paid full price for these.

    These aren't the best TW earphones I've heard (that will go to the Nuarl NT01AX and Sony WH1000MX3) but at the price point of $59, I think they're extremely hard to beat.

    I found these to be very similar to the Jabra Elite sports, both in term of construction and sound signature (warm and very bassy). The matte rubbery surface and touch control feels very premium. However, these fit alot better than the Jabra Elite sports.

    The fact that it supports APTX, Qualcomm True wireless and IP5X at that price point are just bonus.

    Edit: I just saw the newly announced Jabra 75t and the AD Elite looks exactly like it!!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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  2. Dcell7
    I have quite a different experience with these. I have the BA version and i agree the bass is on the weak side quantity wise but everything sounds very balanced. I use the stock tips that were already on the earphones itself. I have tried 1 size smaller for a while but that didn't fit well enough so i went back to 1 size bigger. I use them on my iPhone X and on 50% of the volume it is plenty loud for me when indoors. If i go out i have to crank the volume up a notch but i never have to blast the 100% volume on these.
  3. DigDub
    I've got those too. Narrow soundstage and the highs sounds cheapish and unrefined. Bass is strong.
  4. Chrisdu18e
    Damn, I've had great expectations for the first Noble TW.
    Thank you very much for your return. Did you have a good fit and was there noise in the store ?
    To be totally sure, I will wait other feedbacks before giving up.
    I could settle for my MW07 + and APP but I'm always looking for better.... and better... and better.
    I don't think I'm the only one here :yum:
  5. duo8
    I received a sample of the Tronsmart Spunky Beat the other day.
    Quick (probably only) impression: Lots of midbass.
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  6. Erevan
    Thanks for the suggestion. I get around 6.5-7 hours before being jolted into the waking world by that blasted "BATTERY LOW" notification. I've tried SBC, AAC, and aptX in the attempt for better battery life. AAC does a better job, but not by enough. I had an iPhone 5 and now an s10+. It's either the build quality of these buds or the difference in efficiency between phones. After one of the button caps started to fall off on the Outlier Airs, I'd guess a bit of both.

    I'm using an Asus BT 4.0 USB key currently, and have been able to verify through latency testing that it can use aptX through Win10 on the key with the Outlier Airs. Do you notice any latency with the MW07+ or L2P on the PC?

    I bit the bullet and ordered the MW07+ yesterday, but I'm guessing this will be a continuation in the search for the perfect TWS. I'm not an audiophile, but have a deep appreciation for good sound. The music I listen to comes alive with the HD650s, and I'm on a quest to take that sensation mobile at the workplace (along with sleeping, gaming, meditating, exercising, etc).
  7. willyk
    That's a bummer, as I was hoping to give it as a Holiday gift.
  8. AudioNoob
    Do you have the version with volume control and more regular track control (right next left previous)? They recently updated some things.
  9. ld100
    I also got BA as I thought it would work better for me in terms of sound. 75-80% loud is ok on iPhone but on some tracks you can hear that they struggle to be loud... But sound-quality is a complete mess. If I get a good seal things get a bit better, but the base is still not there and it is not natural sounding at all. They are still very bright and remind me of quite few cheap(er) asian wired phones from Ali Express I had and was never happy with. I think functionality was greatly sacrificed for the form/ Stock tips are not good for me an I can't get a good seal... In any case I think people who are after good sound should look elsewhere. This is not the one. Yes people hear things differently and have different ear shapes, but these are not there in terms of sound period. I am actually very surprised that scarbir.com that posts here rated them so high. Even Jabra 65t that don't get much love here for sound are so much more superior in terms of sound.
  10. Caipirina
    Today I received my smallest TWS ever! The Trop Weiling I mentioned a few weeks ago. These are tiny!!! When I opened the box I could not believe this minuscule case has space for 2 buds. And those are rather unique. Flat kinda. Cannot use other tips on them. They are actually ‘just’ earbuds without stem / cord and the silicone cover creates the eartip.


    Here in comparison with Anbes 359 and the Mpow M5.

    And they sound actually really nice! Nothing that would win awards, but also not crappy.

    But! (Of course there has to be a but) they can be worn 2 ways: earbud style, just drop them in and you hear music, but without a proper seal you will miss out on the bass. You can totally jam them in, they nearly disappear in my ears! And then they sound wonderful! But then there is a tad more of ear matter covering the connection and the left side drops out quite frequently, which really is a shame. Milage May vary however big your head is. I still like’em
  11. chinmie
    does it supports aac? also can it control volume?
  12. SilverEars
    Anybody update the firmware on Jabra 65t and noticed better SQ as result? It seems like it to me, but not entirely sure.

    It's been a long time since I had the 65t and have never updated the firmware, and I noticed there was a September 2019 firmware update on the app.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  13. Caipirina
    Brilliant questions ... I guess my ears have gone too old to even notice if it was only SBC ... which according to description is all it has, but who knows, those descriptions of specs are never 100% :wink: They tout for example volume control, which the DON't have (accroding to manual and also just tested) ...

    I would not really recommend them, unless someone wants to have something really small and unique in their arsenal. They case is even more shirt pocket friendly that the airpods.
    Funny that they are only sold by 3 rather obscure online shops on Ali, and my shop somehow managed to mess up my accessories: no lanyard, and replacement 'tips' are 1 more size L and 1 size M (single pieces, not a pair) while 2 size L are on the buds .. in the end it does not bother me.

    More bothered that the case looks much cheaper than advertized, all white plastic. The photos made it appear there's be a silver metal ring around.

    Pretty cool though that one can freely select beside all black, all white, you can also get white buds in black case and vice versa :)
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  14. duo8
    Yeah that's the one I got
    The controls are not sensitive and picky with tap timing. Controlling the volume is very difficult.
  15. gorman
    I've been suggested to post here for help.

    I currently use these https://www.4ears.it/portfolio/sm631/ with BT20s and unfortunately they hiss a little bit too much for my liking. At the beginning I thought it wouldn't have bothered me but as I'm using them more, I realize it's too much as it subtracts considerably from sound quality during quiet passages.

    As you can see the CIEMs have a sensitivity value of 116 db SPL at 1kHz when driven @1mW and 11ohm resistance. Do you think sensitivity might be the issue here. Are there any workarounds/adapters one can use on the 2-pin connector (0.75mm)?
    Or would I be better off using the older BT20 or Fostex TM2 (although they are very expensive considering I would get no use from the included IEMs)? The form factor is perfect for my tastes and needs, plus BT20s have a rock solid connection, seriously the best I've ever had with Bluetooth (far superior to that of my Sony WH1000XM2, for instance). I never want to go back to adapter cables.

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