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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. DigDub
    I tried them in-store. Has lots of bass and a bright sound. Mid bass is somewhat missing. The overall sound is quite incoherent due to the weak mid bass and bright highs with the big bass. And the LED blinks about every 8 seconds when in use.
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  2. clerkpalmer
    Hmm. Doesn't sound promising. Maybe need some burn in?
  3. hifi80sman
    There's an app with 22 presets, so one of them should work for you. I like the Signature, Flat, and Piano presets. Bass Booster is good for loud environments when you need to drown out more noise (gym, etc).

    Once it's set, the earbuds will remember the preset until you change it again. You can use a third party EQ to further adjust if you desire. The app also allows you to update the earbuds.
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  4. hifi80sman
    The Liberty Air 2 are solid. Different form factor than the Liberty 2, but they basically sound the same, which is to say they sound great IMHO.

    If I could only make one recommendation purely on the basis of SQ/Price, it would be the L2P. The original MW07 are also great, but the battery is not that good and they are priced a bit high for what they are. I'm a sucker, so I bought them anyway.
  5. Pete7874
    Thanks. Sounds tempting.
    EQ aside, how is the bass response on these and comfort? My ears are on the smaller side and I find some IEMs uncomfortable after extended listening periods. My IBasso IT01 make my ears hurt after a while.
  6. willyk
    Interested in the L2P. At this point, how does a buyer know if they are getting an LP2 that likely suffers from hiss, vs an LP2 that does not have a hissing issue? I've been tracking this topic on this forum for weeks, and the delineation between problematic units vs non-problematic units doesn't seem to be tied to firmware version, or necessarily purchase date.

    Any insights on this?
  7. ld100
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  8. mattedialdoc
    That’s what she said
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  9. DigDub
    I don't think burn in will do much as the treble is probably too hot, to the point where I felt it overwhelmed the mids. I was trying to listen for details in the mids but the jarring mid-highs got in the way. Probably could EQ the highs to tame it though.
  10. HiFlight
    I will let you know my impressions tomorrow.
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  11. clerkpalmer
    Well bummer. An app is supposedly coming for them.
  12. dweaver
    Have you used any Hybrid earphones or straight BA based earphones? If not you just might not like BA created sound. I personally have grown to like hybrid solution but almost always end up finding straight BA based earphones lacking in some fashion. I do actually prefer a well made dynamic speaker earphone.

    I suspect you just have to buy and see what happens and return if you get a unit that hisses to much.
  13. AudioNoob
    Thanks for the note on this. Do you still have the air? There is also the Spirit Dot 2 on the way
  14. jagar46
    Honestly I don’t play that loud, my hearing seems to be kind of good in the sense that anything above 65% is uncomfortable, it’s the same with the on ear Dali’s I have, people were saying they don’t go loud enough and it’s impossible for me to go above 70%.
  15. jasaero
    Totally get it. I usually don't listen loud, but do like to crank it here and ther. More just testing and such though. Does seem if you set phone at like 80% or so you can crank on but volume to 100% without the clipping. So seems to be something with full source device volume level.

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